Music::LilyPondUtil - utility methods for lilypond data 1 ++

Utility methods for interacting with lilypond (as of version 2.16), most notably for the conversion of integers to lilypond note names (or the other way around, for a subset of the lilypond notation). The Western 12-tone system is assumed. The note c...

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canonical - compute canon voices via the Music::Canon module ++

Command line interface to the mapping methods present in the Music::Canon module. Certain questions might be better answered by coding directly against Music::Canon; see the "eg/" directory under the distribution of that Perl module for examples....

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  • atonal-util - routines for atonal composition and analysis
  • App::MusicTools - command line utilities for music composition and analysis

Task::MusicBundle - A bundle of MIDI and music modules ++

This is a bundle to install various MIDI and music related modules. If you would like to see a specific module included (or discluded), please email or use Modules marked with a date, in the "CONTENTS", are 10 years or older. But so what...

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Music::PitchNum - note name and pitch number utility roles ++

"One need but glance at the various notations for a single tone to be convinced that there is a sorrowful lack of agreement in usage." -- R. W. Young. "Terminology for Logarithmic Frequency Units" This module provides utility music pitch name and num...

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Music::AtonalUtil - atonal music analysis and composition 2 ++

This module contains a variety of routines suitable for atonal music composition and analysis (plus a bunch of other routines I could find no better home for). See the methods below, the test suite, and the "atonal-util" command line interface (in Ap...

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Music::NeoRiemannianTonnetz - performs Neo-Riemann operations on set classes ++

Performs Neo-Riemannian operations on major and minor triads (set class "3-11"), and sevenths (set class "4-27"). This is a very new module, use with caution, things may change, etc. TRIAD OPERATIONS (3-11) Available operations (called "tokens" in th...

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