ip2cc - lookup country from IP address or hostname River stage one • 3 direct dependents • 3 total dependents

Ip2cc is a program to lookup countries of IP addresses. Ip2cc has two modes: interactive and non-interactive. Interactive mode allows the user to query more than one hostname. Non-interactive mode is used to print just the country for a single host....

NWETTERS/IP-Country-2.28 - 15 May 2013 16:33:15 UTC - Search in distribution

File::Touch - update file access and modification times, optionally creating files if needed River stage two • 34 direct dependents • 56 total dependents

This module provides both a functional and OO interface for changing the file access and modification times on files. It can optionally create the file for you, if it doesn't exist. Note: you should specify a minimum version of 0.12, as per the SYNOP...

NEILB/File-Touch-0.12 - 20 Mar 2021 10:03:02 UTC - Search in distribution

XML::LibXML::Fixup - apply regexes to XML to fix validation and parsing errors River stage zero No dependents

This module provides an interface to an XML parser to parse and validate XML files. The module allows fixups to be applied to non-parsing and non-validating XML. For full documentation, see the POD documentation for XML::LibXML. The documentation in ...

NWETTERS/XML-LibXML-Fixup-0.03 - 26 Sep 2002 11:30:57 UTC - Search in distribution

WWW::Module - use modules from CPAN without installing River stage zero No dependents

NWETTERS/WWW-Module-1.00 - 26 Nov 2006 14:20:08 UTC - Search in distribution

Class::Decorator - Attach additional responsibilites to an object. A generic wrapper. River stage zero No dependents

Decorator objects allow additional functionality to be dynamically added to objects. In this implementation, the user can supply two subroutine references (pre and post) to be performed before (pre) and after (post) any method call to an object (obj)...

NWETTERS/Class-Decorator-0.99 - 16 Sep 2002 17:44:37 UTC - Search in distribution

Db::Mediasurface - manipulates a Mediasurface database. River stage zero No dependents

Overview Db::Mediasurface is a wrapper for most other Db::Mediasurface:: modules. At present, only the new() and version() methods are supported. Constructor $ms = Db::Mediasurface->new( config=>$config_object ); $ms = Db::Mediasurface->new( config_f...

NWETTERS/Db-Mediasurface-0.03 - 03 Aug 2001 16:19:11 UTC - Search in distribution

Db::Mediasurface::Cache - caches a specified number of key-value pairs, disgarding underused pairs. River stage zero No dependents

Overview Mediasurface relies on retrieving a unique ID for almost every object lookup. This module aims to cache url->id lookups in memory. The module allows commonly used key-value pairs to be stored towards the 'fresh' end of the store, and seldoml...

NWETTERS/Db-Mediasurface-Cache-0.04 - 03 Aug 2001 12:42:11 UTC - Search in distribution

Statistics::Distribution::Generator - A way to compose complicated probability functions River stage zero No dependents

This module allows you to bake together multiple "simple" probability distributions into a more complex random number generator. It does this lazily: when you call one of the PDF generating functions, it makes an object, the value of which is not cal...

PWBENNETT/Statistics-Distribution-Generator-1.003 - 01 Sep 2017 16:52:48 UTC - Search in distribution

Db::Mediasurface::ReadConfig - reads, parses, and stores configuration from a Mediasurface ms.properties file. River stage zero No dependents

Overview When supplied with a path to a Mediasurface configuration file (usually called ms.properties), this module loads the configuration details into an object, which can be interrogated at a later time. Constructor $config = Db::Mediasurface::Rea...

NWETTERS/Db-Mediasurface-ReadConfig-0.01 - 03 Aug 2001 11:47:05 UTC - Search in distribution

DesignPattern::Factory - Perl implementation of the Factory Method. River stage zero No dependents

This group of modules implement the Factory Method as described in Gamma E, et al. 'Design Patterns: elements of reusable object-oriented software' Addison-Wesley, 1995 [known to many as GOF]. The Factory Method's intent is to 'Define an interface fo...

NWETTERS/DesignPattern-Factory-0.01 - 14 Nov 2001 14:40:21 UTC - Search in distribution

Statistics::GammaDistribution - represents a gamma distribution River stage zero No dependents

NWETTERS/Statistics-GammaDistribution-0.02 - 25 Apr 2006 11:18:19 UTC - Search in distribution
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