Net::Server::Proto::TCP - Net::Server TCP protocol. River stage two • 35 direct dependents • 84 total dependents

Protocol module for Net::Server. This module implements the SOCK_STREAM socket type under INET (also known as TCP). See Net::Server::Proto....

RHANDOM/Net-Server-2.010 - 22 Mar 2021 15:23:31 UTC - Search in distribution

Net::Ident - lookup the username on the remote end of a TCP/IP connection River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 6 total dependents

You can either use the simple interface, which does one ident lookup at a time, or use the asynchronous interface to perform (possibly) many simultaneous lookups, or simply continue serving other things while the lookup is proceeding. Simple Interfac...

TODDR/Net-Ident-1.25 - 19 Jan 2020 06:06:17 UTC - Search in distribution

swaks - Swiss Army Knife SMTP, the all-purpose smtp transaction tester River stage zero No dependents

swaks' primary design goal is to be a flexible, scriptable, transaction-oriented SMTP test tool. It handles SMTP features and extensions such as TLS, authentication, and pipelining; multiple version of the SMTP protocol including SMTP, ESMTP, and LMT...

MSIMERSON/Mail-Toaster-5.54 - 16 Feb 2017 19:40:58 UTC - Search in distribution

perlfunc - Perl builtin functions River stage five • 10652 direct dependents • 31363 total dependents

The functions in this section can serve as terms in an expression. They fall into two major categories: list operators and named unary operators. These differ in their precedence relationship with a following comma. (See the precedence table in perlo...

XSAWYERX/perl-5.32.0 - 20 Jun 2020 20:38:54 UTC - Search in distribution

IT::perlfunc River stage zero No dependents

ENRYS/POD2-IT-0.13 - 26 Aug 2009 16:35:44 UTC - Search in distribution

Net::Gen - generic sockets interface handling River stage one • 2 direct dependents • 2 total dependents

The "Net::Gen" module provides basic services for handling socket-based communications. It supports no particular protocol family directly, however, so it is of direct use primarily to implementors of other modules. To this end, several housekeeping ...

SPIDB/Net-ext-1.011 - 10 Apr 2002 11:34:56 UTC - Search in distribution

IO::Event - Tied Filehandles for Nonblocking IO with Object Callbacks River stage two • 4 direct dependents • 22 total dependents

IO::Event provides a object-based callback system for handling nonblocking IO. The design goal is to provide a system that just does the right thing w/o the user needing to think about it much. All APIs are kept as simple as possible yet at the same ...

MUIR/IO-Event-0.813 - 18 Sep 2013 03:46:26 UTC - Search in distribution

IO::EPP - Object and procedure interface of the client-side for work with EPP API of registries and some resellers River stage zero No dependents

IO::EPP is a very light and fast interface of the access to EPP API from the client's side with minimum dependences. It is independent of libxml and other heavy libraries. It works over IO::Socket::SSL without additional modules and demands only Dige...

VADIML/IO-EPP-0.004 - 17 Jan 2020 18:46:48 UTC - Search in distribution

Device::Modbus::TCP::Server - Modbus TCP server class River stage zero No dependents

One of the goals for Device::Modbus is to have the ability to write Modbus servers that execute arbitrary code. This class defines the Modbus TCP version of such servers. Please see the documentation in Device::Modbus::Server for a thorough descripti...

JFRAIRE/Device-Modbus-TCP-0.026 - 22 May 2017 17:16:17 UTC - Search in distribution

What::MTA - Find out about running MTA River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

What::MTA is a part of "What" package. It provides basic information about running MTA: name, version and banner that MTA prints out upon connection to it. It is not meant to be used directly, but via its interface, class "What". MTA's supported are:...

TPG/What-1.00 - 24 Feb 2006 01:04:34 UTC - Search in distribution

Net::QMTP - Quick Mail Transfer Protocol (QMTP) client River stage zero No dependents

This module implements an object orientated interface to a Quick Mail Transfer Protocol (QMTP) client, which enables a perl program to send email by QMTP. CONSTRUCTOR new(HOST [, OPTIONS]) The new() constructor creates a new Net::QMTP object and retu...

JRAFTERY/Net-QMTP-0.06 - 02 Nov 2004 15:05:19 UTC - Search in distribution

Net::Ping - check a remote host for reachability River stage three • 32 direct dependents • 552 total dependents

This module contains methods to test the reachability of remote hosts on a network. A ping object is first created with optional parameters, a variable number of hosts may be pinged multiple times and then the connection is closed. You may choose one...

RURBAN/Net-Ping-2.74 - 09 Sep 2020 11:07:38 UTC - Search in distribution

RPC::pServer - Perl extension for writing pRPC servers River stage zero No dependents

pRPC (Perl RPC) is a package that simplifies the writing of Perl based client/server applications. RPC::pServer is the package used on the server side, and you guess what Net::pRPC::Client is for. See Net::pRPC::Client(3) for this part. pRPC works by...

JWIED/pRPC-modules-0.1005 - 13 Aug 1998 00:28:38 UTC - Search in distribution

Net::SSLeay - Perl extension for using OpenSSL River stage four • 145 direct dependents • 2040 total dependents

This module provides Perl bindings for libssl (an SSL/TLS API) and libcrypto (a cryptography API)....

CHRISN/Net-SSLeay-1.90 - 21 Jan 2021 19:08:38 UTC - Search in distribution

AnyEvent::Handle - non-blocking I/O on streaming handles via AnyEvent River stage three • 403 direct dependents • 659 total dependents

This is a helper module to make it easier to do event-based I/O on stream-based filehandles (sockets, pipes, and other stream things). Specifically, it doesn't work as expected on files, packet-based sockets or similar things. The AnyEvent::Intro tut...

MLEHMANN/AnyEvent-7.17 - 18 Sep 2019 01:11:59 UTC - Search in distribution

Net::Daemon - Perl extension for portable daemons River stage one • 3 direct dependents • 4 total dependents

Net::Daemon is an abstract base class for implementing portable server applications in a very simple way. The module is designed for Perl 5.005 and threads, but can work with fork() and Perl 5.004. The Net::Daemon class offers methods for the most co...

TODDR/Net-Daemon-0.49 - 25 Sep 2020 17:46:44 UTC - Search in distribution

Net::NSS::SSL - SSL sockets using NSS River stage zero No dependents

CLAESJAC/Crypt-NSS-0.04 - 22 Oct 2008 14:32:22 UTC - Search in distribution

Net::DNS::Dig - dig like methods River stage zero No dependents

* $dig = new Net::DNS::Dig( # optional parameters Timeout => 15, # default Class => 'IN', # default PeerAddr => host or [name1, name2, ...] default local NS PeerPort => 53, # default Proto => 'UDP', # default Recursion => 1, # default QuesHead => 0, ...

MIKER/Net-DNS-Dig-0.12 - 17 Feb 2014 04:31:00 UTC - Search in distribution

Bundle::OpenXPKI - A bundle to install modules required for OpenXPKI River stage zero No dependents

This bundle helps with the installation of modules required for OpenXPKI. OpenXPKI is an open source trust center software which aims to create an enterprise-scale PKI solution. For more information see

ALECH/Bundle-OpenXPKI-0.06 - 21 Nov 2008 16:12:39 UTC - Search in distribution

Protocol::SPDY - abstract support for the SPDY protocol River stage zero No dependents

Provides an implementation for the SPDY protocol at an abstract (in-memory buffer) level. This module will not initiate or receive any network connections on its own. It is intended for use as a base on which to build web server/client implementation...

TEAM/Protocol-SPDY-1.001 - 01 Feb 2015 16:27:09 UTC - Search in distribution
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