Net::APNS - Apple Push Notification Service for perl.

Net::APNS is Apple Push Notification Service. Push message to iPhone and get unavalble-devicetoken....

HAOYAYOI/Net-APNS-0.0202 - 05 Feb 2012 02:09:30 GMT - Search in distribution

Net::APNS::Persistent - Send Apple APNS notifications over a persistent connection

Class to create a persistent connection to Apple's APNS servers...

AUFFLICK/Net-APNS-Persistent-0.02 - 07 Dec 2009 11:07:15 GMT - Search in distribution

Net::APNs::Extended::Feedback - Client library for APNs feedback service

XAICRON/Net-APNs-Extended-0.11 - 26 Jun 2015 11:37:42 GMT - Search in distribution

AnyEvent::APNS - Simple wrapper for Apple Push Notifications Service (APNS) provider

This module helps you to create Apple Push Notifications Service (APNS) Provider....

TYPESTER/AnyEvent-APNS-0.10 - 28 Nov 2012 00:26:48 GMT - Search in distribution

Catalyst::View::APNS - APNS View Class.

Catalyst::View::APNS is Catalyst view handler that Apple Push Notification Service....

HAOYAYOI/Catalyst-View-APNS-0.01 - 19 Oct 2009 13:54:16 GMT - Search in distribution

Net::AppNotifications - send notifications to your iPhone.

Net::AppNotifications is a wrapper around It allows you to push notifications to your iPhone(s) registered with the service. A visual and audible alert (like for SMS) will arrive on your device in a limited timeframe. appnotific...

YANNK/Net-AppNotifications-0.03 - 09 Apr 2012 21:15:13 GMT - Search in distribution


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