Net::DNS::ZoneFile::Fast - parse BIND8/9 zone files

The Net::DNS::ZoneFile::Fast module provides an ability to parse zone files that BIND8 and BIND9 use, fast. Currently it provides a single function, *parse()*, which returns a reference to an array of traditional *Net::DNS::RR* objects, so that no ne...

HARDAKER/Net-DNS-ZoneFile-Fast-1.24 - 05 Sep 2014 17:22:07 GMT - Search in distribution

Net::DNS::ZoneParse::Parser::NetDNSZoneFileFast - Glue for Net::DNS::ZoneParse to use Net::DNS::ZoneFile::Fast.

NetDNSZoneFileFast uses Net::DNS::ZoneFile::Fast as parsing engine. This provides an Interface to a fast parser with support for most directives and the most common RRs; though not all are supported. EXPORT parse $rr = Net::DNS::ZoneParse::Parser::Ne...

BTIETZ/Net-DNS-ZoneParse-0.103 - 01 Aug 2011 20:19:51 GMT - Search in distribution
  • Net::DNS::ZoneParse - Perl extension for Parsing and Writing BIND8/9 (and RFC1035) compatible zone-files.

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