Net::Google::GData - Handle basic communication with Google services 2 ++

would go here FUNCTIONS new Typical constructor. You can optionally pass in a hash of data to set values. Unknown data/value pairs will be silently ignored. GET POST PUT DELETE PRIVATE FUNCTIONS _ua Private method that creates and holds a LWP user ag...

AYOUNG/Net-Google-GData-0.03   (1 review) - 26 Dec 2012 05:43:13 GMT - Search in distribution

WWW::YouTube::GData - Handle basic communication with Google services ++
ERMEYERS/WWW-YouTube-2008.0728   (1 review) - 28 Jul 2008 13:52:34 GMT - Search in distribution

Net::Google::Blogger - (** DEPRECATED **) Interface to Google's Blogger service. ++
EGORSH/Net-Google-Blogger-0.09 - 21 Aug 2010 14:22:38 GMT - Search in distribution

Net::Google::Calendar - programmatic access to Google's Calendar API 2 ++

Interact with Google's new calendar using the GData API. AUTHENTICATION AND READ-WRITE CALENDARS There are effectively four ways to get events from a Google calendar. You can get any public events by querying<ema...

PLYTLE/Net-Google-Calendar-1.05   (6 reviews) - 18 Sep 2013 01:48:57 GMT - Search in distribution

Net::Google::Analytics - Simple interface to the Google Analytics Core Reporting API 4 ++

This module provides a simple, straight-forward interface to the Google Analytics Core Reporting API, Version 3. See <> for the complete API documentation. WARNING: This module is not API comp...

NWELLNHOF/Net-Google-Analytics-3.03 - 18 Mar 2015 11:59:23 GMT - Search in distribution

Net::Google::AuthSub::Once - Make one secure authenticated request to a Google service ++

The nice thing about this module is that you don't need to know the Google login details of the user of your applications. You can make a secure request to a Google service in their place. You must add your domain on Google for using secure requests....

STUIFZAND/Net-Google-AuthSub-Once-v0.1.0 - 22 Feb 2010 12:17:14 GMT - Search in distribution

Plack::Middleware::OAuth - Plack middleware for OAuth1, OAuth2 and builtin provider configs. 4 ++

This module is still in **BETA** , DO NOT USE THIS FOR PRODUCTION! Plack::Middleware::OAuth supports OAuth1 and OAuth2, and provides builtin config for providers like Twitter, GitHub, Google, Facebook. The only one thing you need to mount your OAuth ...

CORNELIUS/Plack-Middleware-OAuth-0.10 - 04 Dec 2011 07:46:28 GMT - Search in distribution

Net::Google::Calendar::Server - pretend to be like Google's Calendar ++

This is an implementation of the Calendar portion of Google's GData API. It's very incomplete but it's been lurking round in my Subversion repo for too long (nearly a year now) so it deserves to be free...

SIMONW/Net-Google-Calendar-Server-0.1 - 05 May 2007 09:34:55 GMT - Search in distribution

Net::Google::DataAPI::Auth::OAuth - (DEPRECATED) OAuth 1.0 support for Google Data APIs 3 ++

Net::Google::DataAPI::Auth::OAuth interacts with google OAuth service and adds Authorization header to given request. DEPRECATED! OAuth1.0 protocol is deprecated. Use Net::Google::DataAPI::Auth::OAuth2 instead. ATTRIBUTES You can make Net::Google::Da...

DANJOU/Net-Google-DataAPI-0.2805   (1 review) - 28 Jun 2014 08:22:36 GMT - Search in distribution

WebService::GData::YouTube::Doc::GeneralOverview - General use of the YouTube API Perl client 2 ++
SZABGAB/WebService-GData-0.06   (3 reviews) - 18 Oct 2013 07:43:13 GMT - Search in distribution