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Net::HTTPServer ++

Net::HTTPServer basically turns a CGI script into a stand alone server. Useful for temporary services, mobile/local servers, or embedding an HTTP server into another program. EXAMPLES use Net::HTTPServer; my $server = new Net::HTTPServer(port=>5000, ...

REATMON/Net-HTTPServer-1.1.1   (2 reviews) - 27 Jan 2005 20:49:05 GMT - Search in distribution

Net::Server::HTTP - very basic Net::Server based HTTP server class 13 ++

Even though Net::Server::HTTP doesn't fall into the normal parallel of the other Net::Server flavors, handling HTTP requests is an often requested feature and is a standard and simple protocol. Net::Server::HTTP begins with base type MultiType defaul...

RHANDOM/Net-Server-2.008   (5 reviews) - 12 May 2014 18:22:26 GMT - Search in distribution

Net::Async::HTTP::Server - serve HTTP with IO::Async 1 ++

This module allows a program to respond asynchronously to HTTP requests, as part of a program based on IO::Async. An object in this class listens on a single port and invokes the "on_request" callback or subclass method whenever an HTTP request is re...

PEVANS/Net-Async-HTTP-Server-0.07 - 26 Mar 2014 18:30:19 GMT - Search in distribution

UR::Service::JsonRpcServer - A self-contained JSON-RPC server for UR namespaces 2 ++
BRUMMETT/UR-0.43 - 03 Jul 2014 14:36:23 GMT - Search in distribution

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