Net::IMAP::Client - Not so simple IMAP client library

Net::IMAP::Client provides methods to access an IMAP server. It aims to provide a simple and clean API, while employing a rigorous parser for IMAP responses in order to create Perl data structures from them. The code is simple, clean and extensible. ...

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  • Net::Async::IMAP - asynchronous IMAP client based on Protocol::IMAP::Client and IO::Async::Protocol::Stream.
  • Net::Async::IMAP::Server - asynchronous IMAP server based on Protocol::IMAP::Server and IO::Async::Protocol::Stream.

Fwctl - Perl module to configure the Linux kernel packet filtering firewall.

Fwctl is a module to configure the Linux kernel packet filtering firewall using higher level abstraction than rules on input, output and forward chains. It supports masquerading and accounting as well. Why Fwctl ? Well, say you are the kind of parano...

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Net::IMAP - A client interface to IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol).

"Net::IMAP" provides a perl interface to the client portion of IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol). add more meat - describe overall design (commands, responses, callbacks, convenience routines...

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AnyEvent::IMAP - IMAP client library for AnyEvent

AnyEvent::IMAP is IMAP client library for AnyEvent/Perl....

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App::Twimap - Push your Twitter home timeline to an IMAP server

Twitter is an online social networking and microblogging service. The Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) is an Internet standard protocols for e-mail retrieval from a server. This module stores your Twitter home timeline in a folder on an IMAP s...

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Net::Proxy - Framework for proxying network connections in many ways

A Net::Proxy object represents a proxy that accepts connections and then relays the data transfered between the source and the destination. The goal of this module is to abstract the different methods used to connect from the proxy to the destination...

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Net::Sieve - Implementation of managesieve protocol to manage sieve scripts

Net::Sieve is a package for clients for the "MANAGESIEVE" protocol, which is an Internet Draft protocol for manipulation of "Sieve" scripts in a repository. More simply, Net::Sieve lets you control your mail-filtering rule files on a mail server. Net...

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Protocol::IMAP - support for the Internet Message Access Protocol as defined in RFC3501.

Base class for Protocol::IMAP::Server and Protocol::IMAP::Client implementations....

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Net::SMPP - pure Perl implementation of SMPP 3.4 over TCP

Implements Short Message Peer to Peer protocol, which is frequently used to pass short messages between mobile operators implementing short message service (SMS). This is applicable to both european GSM and american CDMA/TDMA systems. This documentat...

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GraphViz2 - A wrapper for AT&T's Graphviz

Overview This module provides a Perl interface to the amazing Graphviz <>, an open source graph visualization tool from AT&T. It is called GraphViz2 so that pre-existing code using (the Perl module) GraphViz continues to work....

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Mail::IMAPTalk - IMAP client interface with lots of features

This module communicates with an IMAP server. Each IMAP server command is mapped to a method of this object. Although other IMAP modules exist on CPAN, this has several advantages over other modules. * It parses the more complex IMAP structures like ...

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Mail::Cclient - Mailbox access via the c-client library API

"Mail::Cclient" gives access to mailboxes in many different formats (including remote IMAP folders) via the c-client API. The c-client library is the core library used by Pine and the University of Washington IMAP daemon (written by Mark Crispin). Th...

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Net::IMAP::Server - A single-threaded multiplexing IMAP server implementation, using Net::Server::Coro.

This model provides a complete implementation of the "RFC 3501" specification, along with several IMAP4rev1 extensions. It provides separation of the mailbox and message store from the client interaction loop. Note that, following RFC suggestions, lo...

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AnyEvent::TLS - SSLv2/SSLv3/TLSv1 contexts for use in AnyEvent::Handle

This module is a helper module that implements TLS/SSL (Transport Layer Security/Secure Sockets Layer) contexts. A TLS context is a common set of configuration values for use in establishing TLS connections. For some quick facts about SSL/TLS, see th...

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Mail::Box::IMAP4 - handle IMAP4 folders as client

Maintain a folder which has its messages stored on a remote server. The communication between the client application and the server is implemented using the IMAP4 protocol. See also Mail::Server::IMAP4. This class uses Mail::Transport::IMAP4 to hide ...

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POE::Filter::SSL - The easiest and flexiblest way to SSL in POE!

This module allows one to secure connections of *POE::Wheel::ReadWrite* with OpenSSL by a *POE::Filter* object, and behaves (beside of SSLing) as *POE::Filter::Stream*. *POE::Filter::SSL* can be added, switched and removed during runtime, for example...

PRIVI/POE-Filter-SSL-0.30 - 09 Apr 2016 13:04:05 GMT - Search in distribution

IO::Socket::SSL - SSL sockets with IO::Socket interface

IO::Socket::SSL makes using SSL/TLS much easier by wrapping the necessary functionality into the familiar IO::Socket interface and providing secure defaults whenever possible. This way, existing applications can be made SSL-aware without much effort,...

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Net::Gmail::IMAP::Label - IMAP proxy for Google's Gmail that retrieves message labels

This module provides a proxy that sits between an IMAP client and Gmail's IMAPS server and adds GMail labels to the X-Label header. This proxy uses the Gmail IMAP extensions <>. To use this proxy, yo...

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