Net::SSH2 - Support for the SSH 2 protocol via libssh2.

"Net::SSH2" is a perl interface to the libssh2 (<>) library. It supports the SSH2 protocol (there is no support for SSH1) with all of the key exchanges, ciphers, and compression of libssh2. Unless otherwise indicated, methods re...

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Net::SSH2::Expect - An Expect like module for Net::SSH2

This is a module to have expect like features for Net::SSH2. Please report bugs at GitHub <>...

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Net::SSH::Perl::SSH2 - SSH2 implementation

*Net::SSH::Perl::SSH2* implements the SSH2 protocol. It is a subclass of *Net::SSH::Perl*, and implements the interface described in the documentation for that module. In fact, your usage of this module should be completely transparent; simply specif...

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Net::OpenSSH::Compat::SSH2 - Net::OpenSSH adapter for Net::SSH2 API compatibility

This module implements Net::SSH2 API on top of Net::OpenSSH. After the module is loaded as... use Net::OpenSSH::Compat::SSH2 qw(:supplant); it will supplant the Net::SSH2 module as if it was installed on the machine and use Net::OpenSSH under the hoo...

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Net::SSH::AuthorizedKey::SSH2 - Net::SSH::AuthorizedKey subclass for ssh-2

See Net::SSH::AuthorizedKey....

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POE::Component::Generic::Net::SSH2 - A POE component that provides non-blocking access to Net::SSH2

POE::Component::Generic::Net::SSH2 is a component for handling SSH2 connections from POE. It uses POE::Component::Generic to wrap Net::SSH2 into a non-blocking framework. This component demonstrates many tricks that you might find useful when you bui...

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  • Net::xFTP - Common wrapper functions for use with either Net::FTP or Net::xFTP.

AnyEvent::SSH2 - 基于 AnyEvent 的 SSH2 的非阻塞事件驱动的实现

这个模块是基于 Net::SSH::Perl 实现的在 AnyEvent 上的事件驱动的支持. 并不是使用的 Fork 的实现 (non-fork), 这是基于 socket 的原生事件驱动实现. 可以同时异步的连接多个主机进行操作. 并且也可以支持同时对一个主机同时执行多条命令与根据前面结果然后在执行指定命令. POD ERRORS Hey! The above document had some coding errors, which are explained below: Around...

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Net::Amazon::HadoopEC2::SSH - Net::SSH::Perl wrapper for Net::Amazon::HadoopEC2

This module is Net::SSH::Perl wrapper for Net::Amazon::HadoopEC2....

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Net::SFTP::Foreign::Backend::Net_SSH2 - Run Net::SFTP::Foreign on top of Net::SSH2

This module implements a Net::SFTP::Foreign backend that uses Net::SSH2 as the SSH transport layer. To use it, include the argument "backend => 'Net_SSH2'" when calling Net::SFTP::Foreign constructor. The constructor will them accept the following op...

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Rex::Helper::SSH2::Expect - An Expect like module for Net::SSH2

This is a module to have expect like features for Net::SSH2. This is the first version of this module. Please report bugs at GitHub <>...

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psftp - Perl secure file transfer client

*psftp* is an interactive SFTP client written in Perl, using the *Net::SFTP::Foreign::Compat* libraries. It is very similar in functionality to the *sftp* program that is part of both OpenSSH and ssh2. On startup, *psftp* logs into the specified *hos...

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Net::SSH - Perl extension for secure shell

Simple wrappers around ssh commands. For an all-perl implementation that does not require the system ssh command, see Net::SSH::Perl instead....

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Net::SCP - Perl extension for secure copy protocol

Simple wrappers around ssh and scp commands....

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Expect - automate interactions with command line programs that expose a text terminal interface.

The Expect module is a successor of and a descendent of It more closely resembles the Tcl Expect language than its predecessors. It does not contain any of the networking code found in I suspect this would be obsolete anyway...

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Net::uFTP - Universal interface for FTP-like modules (FTP, SFTP, SCP), in most cases Net::FTP compatible.

This module provides common interface (Net::FTP compatible) to popular FTP-like protocols (for now: FTP, SFTP, SCP). Flexibility of this module allows to add plugins to support other protocols (suggestions and plugins are welcome ;) Currently "Net::u...

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Net::SFTP - Secure File Transfer Protocol client

*Net::SFTP* is a pure-Perl implementation of the Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) - file transfer built on top of the SSH2 protocol. *Net::SFTP* uses *Net::SSH::Perl* to build a secure, encrypted tunnel through which files can be transferred and ...

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Control::CLI - Command Line Interface I/O over either Telnet or SSH (IPv4 & IPv6) or Serial port

A Command Line Interface (CLI) is an interface where the user is presented with a command prompt and has to enter ASCII commands to drive or control or configure that device. That interface could be the shell on a unix system or some other command in...

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