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NetworkInfo::Discovery - Modules for network discovery and mapping ++

NetworkInfo::Discovery is a set of modules that can be used to discover network topology, interfaces on the network, and information about the links between subnets. This information is brought together into "NetworkInfo::Discovery::Register" where i...

TSCANLAN/NetworkInfo-Discovery-0.12 - 21 Jan 2004 22:55:25 GMT - Search in distribution

NetworkInfo::Discovery::NetBIOS - NetworkInfo::Discovery extension to find NetBIOS services ++

This module is an extension to "NetworkInfo::Discovery" which can find hosts and services using the NetBIOS protocol. METHODS new() Create and return a new object. Options * "hosts" - expects a scalar or an arrayref of IP addresses in CIDR notation E...

SAPER/NetworkInfo-Discovery-NetBIOS-0.05 - 03 Apr 2005 11:29:31 GMT - Search in distribution

NetworkInfo::Discovery::Nmap - NetworkInfo::Discovery extension using Nmap ++

This module is an extension to "NetworkInfo::Discovery" which uses the Nmap utility to scan networks, find active hosts, their services and operating system. METHODS new() Creates and returns a new "NetworkInfo::Discovery::Nmap" object, which derives...

SAPER/NetworkInfo-Discovery-Nmap-0.02 - 03 Apr 2005 12:36:35 GMT - Search in distribution

NetworkInfo::Discovery::Rendezvous - NetworkInfo::Discovery extension to find Rendezvous services ++

This module is an extension to "NetworkInfo::Discovery" which can find services that register themselves using DNS-SD (DNS Service Discovery), the services discovery protocol behind Apple Rendezvous. It will first try to enumerate all the registered ...

SAPER/NetworkInfo-Discovery-Rendezvous-0.06 - 07 Jan 2006 04:34:10 GMT - Search in distribution

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