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Number::RecordLocator - Encodes integers into a short and easy to read and pronounce "locator string" 1 ++

"Number::RecordLocator" encodes integers into a 32 character "alphabet" designed to be short and easy to read and pronounce. The encoding maps: 0 to O 1 to I S to F B to P With a 32 bit encoding, you can map 33.5 million unique ids into a 5 character...

JESSE/Number-RecordLocator-0.005 - 13 Aug 2009 00:26:26 GMT - Search in distribution

MODS::Record - Perl extension for handling MODS records ++

This module provides MODS (http://www.loc.gov/standards/mods/) parsing and creation for MODS Schema 3.5. METHODS MODS::Record->new(%attribs) MODS::Collection->new(%attribs) Create a new MODS record or collection. Optionally attributes can be provided...

HOCHSTEN/MODS-Record-0.07 - 08 Aug 2013 06:48:14 GMT - Search in distribution

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