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HTTP::OAI::Harvester - Agent for harvesting from Open Archives version 1.0, 1.1, 2.0 and static ('2.0s') compatible repositories 2 ++

"HTTP::OAI::Harvester" is the harvesting front-end in the OAI-PERL library. To harvest from an OAI-PMH compliant repository create an "HTTP::OAI::Harvester" object using the baseURL option and then call OAI-PMH methods to request data from the reposi...

TIMBRODY/HTTP-OAI-4.03 - 07 Apr 2014 12:07:05 GMT - Search in distribution

Net::OAI::Harvester - A package for harvesting metadata using OAI-PMH 2 ++

Net::OAI::Harvester is a Perl extension for easily querying OAI-PMH repositories. OAI-PMH is the Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting. OAI-PMH allows data repositories to share metadata about their digital assets. Net::OAI::Harve...

THB/OAI-Harvester-1.15   (1 review) - 02 Feb 2012 17:10:09 GMT - Search in distribution

MyLibrary ++

This tutorial gives the reader an overview of how to use the MyLibrary modules. It is only an introduction. The reader is expected to understand the principles of basic object-oriented Perl programming. By the end of the tutorial the reader should be...

EMORGAN/MyLibrary-3.0.4 - 06 Sep 2007 20:15:56 GMT - Search in distribution

SemanticWeb::OAI::ORE::ReM - Module implementing OAI-ORE Resource Map object ++

An ORE Resource Map is comprised of two things: 1) a URI indicating its location 2) an RDF graph expressing the relationship between an aggregation and aggreted resources This class encapsulates these two things ($rem->uri and $rem->model), some othe...

SIMEON/SemanticWeb-OAI-ORE-1.00 - 31 Jul 2013 15:34:50 GMT - Search in distribution

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