OAuth::Lite - OAuth framework 2 ++

This framework allows you to make "OAuth Consumer Application" / "OAuth Service Provider" easily. SEE ALSO http://oauth.net/ OAuth::Lite::Consumer OAuth::Lite::ServerUtil OAuth::Lite::Server::mod_perl2 AUTHOR Lyo Kato, "lyo.kato _at_ gmail.com" COPYR...

LYOKATO/OAuth-Lite-1.32 - 05 Jan 2014 02:31:00 GMT - Search in distribution

OAuth::Lite2 - OAuth 2.0 Library 4 ++

OAuth 2.0 Library The maintainer of this CPAN module was transferred to ritou by lyokato. Main repository is <https://github.com/ritou/p5-oauth-lite2>. SEE ALSO Client OAuth::Lite2::Client::WebServer OAuth::Lite2::Client::UsernameAndPassword Server O...

RITOU/OAuth-Lite2-0.10 - 31 Jul 2014 09:30:15 GMT - Search in distribution

Net::SinaWeibo::OAuth - Internal OAuth wrapper round OAuth::Lite::Consumer 1 ++

AUTHOR Pan Fan(nightsailer) <nightsailer@gmail.com> COPYRIGHT AND LICENSE This software is copyright (c) 2010 by Pan Fan(nightsailer). This is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as the Perl 5 programming lang...

DOGGY/Net-SinaWeibo-0.003 - 03 Dec 2010 04:01:08 GMT - Search in distribution

File::Dropbox - Convenient and fast Dropbox API abstraction 1 ++

"File::Dropbox" provides high-level Dropbox API abstraction based on Tie::Handle. Code required to get "access_token" and "access_secret" for signed OAuth 1.0 requests or "access_token" for OAuth 2.0 requests is not included in this module. To get "a...

NFOKZ/File-Dropbox-0.6 - 04 Feb 2014 22:41:21 GMT - Search in distribution

OAuth::Consumer - LWP based user agent with OAuth for consumer application ++

As OAuth::Consumer is a high-level library, this documentation does not describe precisely the OAuth protocol. You may find documentation on this protocol on these websites: <http://markdown.io/https://raw.github.com/Dynalon/Rainy/master/docs/OAUTH ....

MATHIAS/OAuth-Consumer-0.03 - 12 Mar 2013 22:43:45 GMT - Search in distribution

Net::Twitter - A perl interface to the Twitter API 26 ++

This module provides a perl interface to the Twitter APIs. See <http://dev.twitter.com/doc> for a full description of the Twitter APIs. TWITTER API VERSION 1.1 Twitter will (perhaps has by the time you read this) deprecated version 1 of the API. Docu...

MMIMS/Net-Twitter-4.01008   (7 reviews) - 20 Jan 2015 01:01:23 GMT - Search in distribution

LWP::Authen::OAuth - generate signed OAuth requests 1 ++

This module provides a sub-class of LWP::UserAgent that generates OAuth 1.0 signed requests. You should familiarise yourself with OAuth at <http://oauth.net/>. This module only supports HMAC_SHA1 signing. OAuth nonces are generated using the Perl ran...

TIMBRODY/LWP-Authen-OAuth-1.02   (1 review) - 06 Feb 2013 10:38:43 GMT - Search in distribution

Net::Twitter::Lite - A perl interface to the Twitter API 6 ++

This module provides a perl interface to the Twitter API v1. It uses the same API definitions as Net::Twitter, but without the extra bells and whistles and without the additional dependencies. Same great taste, less filling. This module is related to...

MMIMS/Net-Twitter-Lite-0.12006   (4 reviews) - 25 Jan 2014 00:12:15 GMT - Search in distribution

Task::BeLike::RJRAY - RJRAY's frequently-used and favorite modules ++
RJRAY/Task-BeLike-RJRAY-0.009 - 26 Dec 2014 04:49:48 GMT - Search in distribution

Net::Twitter::Loader - repeat loading Twitter statuses up to a certain point ++

This module is a wrapper for Net::Twitter (or Net::Twitter::Lite) to make it easy to load a lot of statuses from timelines. FEATURES * It repeats requests to load a timeline that expands over multiple pages. "max_id" param for each request is adjuste...

TOSHIOITO/Net-Twitter-Loader-0.04 - 17 Aug 2014 02:11:09 GMT - Search in distribution

OIDC::Lite::Server::Scope - utility class for OpenID Connect Scope ++

This is utility class for OpenID Connect scope. METHODS validate_scopes( $scopes ) If request doesn't inclue 'openid' and include other OIDC scope, return false. 'openid' : true 'not_openid' : true 'openid profile' : true 'profile' : false 'not_openi...

RITOU/OIDC-Lite-0.09 - 23 Dec 2014 07:28:29 GMT - Search in distribution

Amon2::Auth::Site::Hatena - Hatena authentication integration for Amon2 2 ++

This is a Hatena authentication module for Amon2. You can easily let users authenticate via Hatena OAuth API using this module. ATTRIBUTES consumer_key (required) comsumer_secret (required) scope (Default: "[qw(read_public)]") API scope in ArrayRef. ...

SONGMU/Amon2-Auth-Site-Hatena-0.04 - 27 Nov 2014 04:49:45 GMT - Search in distribution

BusyBird::Manual::Tutorial - Tutorial to use BusyBird ++
TOSHIOITO/BusyBird-0.12 - 08 Dec 2014 12:39:02 GMT - Search in distribution

Mojolicious::Plugin::Web::Auth - Authentication plugin for Mojolicious 9 ++

Mojolicious::Plugin::Web::Auth is authentication plugin for Mojolicious. METHODS Mojolicious::Plugin::Web::Auth inherits all methods from Mojolicious::Plugin. OPTIONS Mojolicious::Plugin::Web::Auth supports the following options. "module" This is a m...

HAYAJO/Mojolicious-Plugin-Web-Auth-0.11 - 09 Oct 2014 01:25:41 GMT - Search in distribution

Plack::Middleware::DoormanTwitter - The OAuth-based Twitter login middleware. ++

This middleware module implements the OAuth Twitter login flow depicted here: <http://dev.twitter.com/pages/sign_in_with_twitter>. Before you use it, you need to register your application at <http://dev.twitter.com/> in order to get the consumer key ...

GUGOD/Doorman-0.07 - 23 Apr 2012 01:27:46 GMT - Search in distribution

Mojolicious::Plugin::OAuth2::Server - Easier implementation of an OAuth2 Authorization Server / Resource Server with Mojolicious 1 ++

This plugin enables you to easily (?) write an OAuth2 Authorization Server (AS) and OAuth2 Resource Server (RS) using Mojolicious. It implements the required flows and checks leaving you to add functions that are necessary, for example, to verify an ...

LEEJO/Mojolicious-Plugin-OAuth2-Server-0.08 - 12 Feb 2015 08:29:08 GMT - Search in distribution

Mojolicious::Plugin::Authentication - A plugin to make authentication a bit easier 11 ++
MADCAT/Mojolicious-Plugin-Authentication-1.26 - 27 Aug 2013 03:02:58 GMT - Search in distribution