OurNet::BBSApp - BBS Application Interface

OurNet::BBSApp provides a XML-based, unified access interface to applications operating on OurNet::BBS. The factory class for these services are usually OurNet::BBSApp::Board, which supports various tweakings on ArticleGroup classes. The specific API...

AUTRIJUS/OurNet-BBSApp-0.03 - 05 Jun 2001 19:28:49 GMT - Search in distribution

OurNet::BBSApp::Sync - Sync between BBS article groups

OurNet::BBSApp::Sync performs a sophisticated synchronization algorithm on two OurNet::BBS ArticleGroup objects. It operates on the first one ("lartgrp")'s behalf, updates what's being done in the "param" field, and attempts to determine the minimall...

CLKAO/ebx-0.87 - 15 Oct 2001 01:55:37 GMT - Search in distribution

OurNet - Interface to BBS-based groupware platforms

The OurNet:* modules are interfaces to *Telnet BBS*-based groupware projects, whose platform was used in Hong Kong, China and Taiwan by est. 1 million users. Used collaboratively, they glue BBSes together to form a distributed service network, called...

AUTRIJUS/OurNet-1.60 - 16 Oct 2001 23:21:49 GMT - Search in distribution

OurNet::BBS - Component Object Model for BBS systems

(Currently, this project exists mainly for historical/archival purposes, not for active development.) OurNet-BBS is a cross-protocol distributed network, built as an abstraction layer over telnet BBS-based systems used in Hong Kong, China and Taiwan....

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App::lcpan - Manage your local CPAN mirror

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