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AFS - Perl interface to AFS programming APIs River stage zero No dependents

The AFS module bundle is a dynamically loadable (where available) extension to Perl. It gives the AFS user and administrator access to most of the AFS programming APIs, allowing you to make these calls directly from Perl, rather than processing the o...

NOG/AFS-2.6.4 - 27 Oct 2014 13:11:37 UTC - Search in distribution

sbalance - Print Slurm allocation limits, usage, and balance River stage zero No dependents

Displays Slurm usage and allocation account balance for specified allocation accounts. ACCOUNT may be repeated. If no ACCOUNTs are given, defaults to all allocation accounts the specified USER (or user running the script if no ACCOUNT or USER specifi...

PAYERLE/Slurm-Sshare-1.2.2 - 08 Mar 2016 14:59:13 UTC - Search in distribution

Slurm::Sacctmgr - Perl wrapper to sacctmgr command River stage zero No dependents

These provide wrappers to the Slurm sacctmgr command. Basically, it allows access to the Slurm sacctmgr command from within Perl. Forks and pipes are used so no new shell is spawned (and shell expansion is not handled) for increased safety. Although ...

PAYERLE/Slurm-Sacctmgr-1.1.0 - 10 Jun 2016 20:45:28 UTC - Search in distribution

Net::Hesiod - Perl interface to Hesiod Library API River stage zero No dependents

These routines interface to the Hesiod Library API. Hesiod is a distributed database, with records stored as text records in DNS, that is used to provide system information in clusters such as MIT's Athena project. This ...

PAYERLE/Net-Hesiod-1.11 - 10 Sep 2002 21:59:07 UTC - Search in distribution
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