PDF - Library for PDF access and manipulation in Perl

The main purpose of the PDF library is to provide classes and functions that allow to read and manipulate PDF files with perl. PDF stands for Portable Document Format and is a format proposed by Adobe. A full description of this format can be found i...

ANTRO/PDF-111   (1 review) - 14 Feb 2000 14:46:43 GMT - Search in distribution
  • PDF::Core - Core Library for PDF library
  • PDF::Parse - Library with parsing functions for PDF library

PDF::Tk - Perl integration for the pdf toolkit (pdftk)

This module is a interface for the command line pdftk command....

MRAMBERG/PDF-Tk-0.02 - 06 Sep 2005 13:12:33 GMT - Search in distribution

PDF::Kit - A collection of subroutines for PDF::API2.

A collection of subroutines to be used with PDF::API2. Mark-up Text Mark-up Text (mut) is a list of items. If an element is a scalar, it's text to be formatted. If it's a hash reference, it contains mark-up options that apply to remainder of the curr...

SHCOREY/PDF-Kit-v1.0.5 - 23 Aug 2009 15:10:48 GMT - Search in distribution

PDF::API3 - Next version after PDF::API2

"PDF::API3" is the beginning of a rewrite of "PDF::API2". The purpose of this slightly modified version is to announce intensions for a rewrite, hopefully spawn participation, and to utilize cpan-RT for tracking bugs/fixes and wishlists/implementatio...

OTTO/PDF-API3-3.001 - 25 Apr 2009 23:23:46 GMT - Search in distribution

Mojo::PDF - Generate PDFs with the goodness of Mojo!

Mojotastic, no-nonsense PDF generation....

ZOFFIX/Mojo-PDF-1.004002 - 30 Sep 2015 18:28:23 GMT - Search in distribution

PDF::Haru - Perl interface to Haru Free PDF Library. Haru is a free, cross platform, open-sourced software library for generating PDF.

BUTILW/PDF-Haru-1.00 - 14 Sep 2008 15:52:28 GMT - Search in distribution

Test::PDF - A module for testing and comparing PDF files

This module is meant to be used for testing custom generated PDF files, it provides only one function at the moment, which is "cmp_pdf", and can be used to compare two PDF files to see if they are *visually* similar. Future versions may include other...

STEVAN/Test-PDF-0.01 - 07 Dec 2005 21:36:28 GMT - Search in distribution

PDF::API2 - Facilitates the creation and modification of PDF files

SSIMMS/PDF-API2-2.030   (10 reviews) - 13 Oct 2016 17:43:38 GMT - Search in distribution

PDF::Boxer - Create PDFs from a simple box markup language.

PDF::Boxer enables the creation of pdf documents using rows, columns, and grids for layout. An xml styled document is used to specify the contents of the document and is parsed into a block of data by PDF::Boxer::SpecParser and passed to PDF::Boxer S...

LECSTOR/PDF-Boxer-0.004 - 21 Feb 2012 23:39:48 GMT - Search in distribution

Pod::Pdf - A POD to PDF translator

"pod2pdf" translates single "POD" (Perl Plain Old Documentation) files and translates them to "PDF" (Adobe Portable Document Format) files. Future extensions to this program may permit translation of multiple "POD" files into a single book. At this s...

AJFRY/Pod-Pdf-1.2   (4 reviews) - 31 May 2000 10:04:09 GMT - Search in distribution
  • pod2pdf - Interface file for Pod.pm

CAM::PDF - PDF manipulation library

This package reads and writes any document that conforms to the PDF specification generously provided by Adobe at <http://partners.adobe.com/public/developer/pdf/index_reference.html> (link last checked Oct 2005). The file format through PDF 1.5 is w...

CDOLAN/CAM-PDF-1.60   (4 reviews) - 15 Aug 2013 02:11:22 GMT - Search in distribution

Fuse::PDF - Filesystem embedded in a PDF document

The Adobe Portable Document Format is an arbitrary collection of nodes which support a tree structure. Most of that data is oriented toward document rendering, but it's legal to add arbitrarily complex data virtually anywhere in the document structur...

CDOLAN/Fuse-PDF-0.09 - 07 Jun 2008 03:53:46 GMT - Search in distribution

PDF::OCR2 - extract all text and all image ocr from pdf

This is meant to replace PDF::OCR. The backend complexity of this process has been isolated in modules: PDF::GetImages PDF::Burst Image::OCR::Tesseract PDF::OCR2::Pages - in this distro. Why not just modify PDF::OCR?? This is such a massive breakdown...

LEOCHARRE/PDF-OCR2-1.21 - 19 Sep 2011 15:32:52 GMT - Search in distribution

Text::PDF - Module for manipulating PDF files

This module allows interaction with existing PDF files directly. It includes various tools including: pdfbklt - make booklets out of existing PDF files pdfrevert - remove edits from a PDF file pdfstamp - stamp text on each page of a PDF file various ...

BHALLISSY/Text-PDF-0.31   (1 review) - 25 Aug 2016 00:21:44 GMT - Search in distribution

PDF::OCR - DEPRECATED get ocr and images out of a pdf file

Lets you get text out of pages in pdf documents. The whole process does not change your original pdf in any way. Please note this is only to get text out of images inside the pdf file, it does not check for genuine text inside the file- if any. For t...

LEOCHARRE/PDF-OCR-1.11 - 20 Apr 2009 13:01:05 GMT - Search in distribution

PDF::Font - Base font class for PDF::Create.

Base font class to support font families approved by PDF::Create. This is used in the method "init_widths()" inside the package PDF::Create::Page....

MANWAR/PDF-Create-1.35   (1 review) - 09 Sep 2016 09:21:19 GMT - Search in distribution

PDF::Writer - PDF writer abstraction layer

This is a generalized API that allows a module that generates PDFs to transparently target multiple backends without changing its code. The currently supported backends are: * PDF::API2 Available from CPAN * PDFlib (versions 3+) Available from "/www....

RKINYON/PDF-Writer-0.06 - 01 Dec 2005 20:03:33 GMT - Search in distribution

MooseX::PDF - Create PDF files with Moose using Template Toolkit templates

MooseX::PDF provides functionality to create PDF files using Template Toolkit templates. Given a template with PDF::Reuse directives, this module will process the template and return the raw PDF contents. This scalar can then be written to file, or o...

HAMSTER/MooseX-PDF-0.01 - 29 Jul 2014 13:57:43 GMT - Search in distribution

PDF::PDFUnit - Shortcuts exported by PDF::PDFUnit

*PDF::PDFUnit* exports the following shortcuts (i.e. constants) into your namespace (in alphabetical order): AssertThat ConfigHelper DateHelper DefaultNamespace File FileInputStream FilenameContainingFilter FilenameMatchingFilter ImageHelper IOHelper...

SALVOR/PDF-PDFUnit-0.17 - 13 Jun 2016 04:08:56 GMT - Search in distribution

PDF::Table - A utility class for building table layouts in a PDF::API2 object.

This class is a utility for use with the PDF::API2 module from CPAN. It can be used to display text data in a table layout within a PDF. The text data must be in a 2D array (such as returned by a DBI statement handle fetchall_arrayref() call). The PD...

OMEGA/PDF-Table-0.9.12 - 19 May 2016 11:11:04 GMT - Search in distribution