PDF::FromHTML - Convert HTML documents to PDF

This module transforms HTML into PDF, using an assortment of XML transformations implemented in PDF::FromHTML::Twig. There is also a command-line utility, html2pdf.pl, that comes with this distribution....

AUDREYT/PDF-FromHTML-0.31 - 08 Jan 2010 11:01:08 GMT - Search in distribution

PDF::TextBlock - Easier creation of text blocks when using PDF::API2

Neither Rick Measham's excellent PDF::API2 tutorial nor PDF::FromHTML are able to cope with wanting some words inside a text block to be bold. This module makes that task trivial. Simply define whatever tags you want PDF::TextBlock to honor inside th...

JHANNAH/PDF-TextBlock-0.08 - 09 Jun 2015 22:18:14 GMT - Search in distribution

Plagger::Plugin::Publish::PDF - Publish feeds as PDF

This plugin creates PDF files which you can be view and print with Adobe Reader....

MIYAGAWA/Plagger-0.7.17 - 05 Dec 2006 07:40:09 GMT - Search in distribution

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