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PDL::Stats - a collection of statistics modules in Perl Data Language, with a quick-start guide for non-PDL people. 4 ++

Loads modules named below, making the functions available in the current namespace. Properly formated documentations online at http://pdl-stats.sf.net SYNOPSIS use PDL::LiteF; # loads less modules use PDL::NiceSlice; # preprocessor for easier pdl ind...

MAGGIEXYZ/PDL-Stats-0.6.5 - 03 Nov 2013 17:17:03 GMT - Search in distribution

PDL::FAQ - Frequently asked questions about PDL 16 ++

This is version 1.004 of the PDL FAQ, a collection of frequently asked questions about PDL - the Perl Data Language. ABOUT THIS DOCUMENT Q: 1.1 Where to find this document You can find the latest version of this document at <http://pdl.perl.org/?docs...

CHM/PDL-2.007   (2 reviews) - 12 Oct 2013 16:57:07 GMT - Search in distribution
  • PDLdb.pl - the perl debugger with PDL support

PDL::NDBin - Multidimensional binning & histogramming 2 ++

In scientific (and other) applications, it is frequently necessary to classify a series of values in a number of bins. For instance, particles may be classified according to particle size in a number of bins of, say, 0.01 mm wide, yielding a histogra...

EBAUDREZ/PDL-NDBin-0.015 - 11 Dec 2013 10:56:49 GMT - Search in distribution

Prima::Image - Bitmap routines 8 ++

*Prima::Image*, *Prima::Icon* and *Prima::DeviceBitmap* are classes for bitmap handling, including file and graphic input and output. *Prima::Image* and *Prima::DeviceBitmap* are descendants of *Prima::Drawable* and represent bitmaps, stored in memor...

KARASIK/Prima-1.39   (3 reviews) - 22 May 2014 11:47:14 GMT - Search in distribution

Object::PerlDesignPatterns - Perl architecture for structuring and refactoring large programs 2 ++

PerlDesignPatterns is a free book sporting: Ideas for keeping programs fun to hack on even after they grow large. Object, lambda, hybrid structures, Perl specific methods of refactoring, object tricks, anti-patterns, non-structural recurring code pat...

SWALTERS/Object-PerlDesignPatterns-0.03   (3 reviews) - 23 Jun 2003 13:02:16 GMT - Search in distribution

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