PICA::Record - Perl module for handling PICA+ records

PICA::Record is a module for handling PICA+ records as Perl objects. Clients and examples This module includes and installs the scripts "parsepica", "picaimport", and "winibw2pica". They provide most functionality on the command line without having t...

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PICA::Data - PICA record processing

PICA::Data provides methods, classes, and functions to process PICA+ records in Perl. PICA+ is the internal data format of the Local Library System (LBS) and the Central Library System (CBS) of OCLC, formerly PICA. Similar library formats are the MAc...

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PICA::Modification - Idempotent modification of an identified PICA+ record

PICA::Modification models a modification of an identified PICA+ record (PICA::Record). The modification consist of the following attributes: add A stringified PICA+ record with fields to be added. del A comma-separated list of PICA+ field tags to be ...

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Catmandu::Importer::PICA - Package that imports PICA+ data

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