POE::Component::Client::Stomp - A Perl extension for the POE Environment

This module handles the nitty-gritty details of setting up the communications channel to a message queue server. You will need to sub-class this module with your own for it to be usefull. An attempt to maintain that channel will be made when/if that ...

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POE::Component::Client::Stomp::Utils - A set of utility routines for POE clients that wish to use a Message Queue server that understands the Stomp protocol.

Your program could use this module in the following fashion: use POE; use POE::Component::Client::Stomp; use POE::Component::Client::Stomp::Utils; my $stomp = POE::Component::Client::Stomp::Utils->new(); my $frame = $stomp->connect({login => 'test', ...

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Task::POE::All - All of POE on CPAN

This task contains all distributions under the POE namespace....

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POE::Filter::Stomp - Perl extension for the POE Environment

This module is a filter for the POE environment. It will translate the input buffer into Net::Stomp::Frame objects and serialize the output buffer from said objects. For more information an the STOMP protocol, please refer to: http://stomp.codehaus.o...

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Dancer::Plugin::Stomp - A Dancer plugin for messaging using STOMP based message queues.

The goal of this module is to make it as easy as possible to interact with a STOMP message broker. STOMP stands for Simple (or Streaming) Text Orientated Messaging Protocol. It is a simple and standard protocol for messaging systems. See <http://stom...

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POE::Component::Server::Stomp - A generic Stomp server for POE

A thin layer over POE::Component::Server::TCP that parses out Net::Stomp::Frames. The synopsis basically covers everything you are capable to do. For information on the STOMP protocol: <http://stomp.codehaus.org/Protocol> For a full-fledged message q...

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Net::RabbitMQ::Java - interface to the RabbitMQ Java AMQP client library

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XAS::Lib::Stomp::POE::Filter - An I/O filter for the POE Environment

This module is a filter for the POE environment. It will translate the input buffer into XAS::Lib::Stomp::Frame objects and serialize the output buffer from said object....

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This module is a non-blocking wrapper around SOAP::Lite for POE. As any non-blocking wrapper it needs to spawn a dedicated process to deal with the blocking SOAP calls. As with most non-blocking wrappers we used PoCo::Generic for abstracting all the ...

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