PPI::Find - Object version of the Element->find method River stage four • 180 direct dependents • 1656 total dependents

PPI::Find is the primary PDOM searching class in the core PPI package. History It became quite obvious during the development of PPI that many of the modules that would be built on top of it were going to need large numbers of saved, storable or easi...

MITHALDU/PPI-1.270 - 09 Jul 2019 15:17:17 GMT - Search in distribution

File::Find::Rule::PPI - Add support for PPI queries to File::Find::Rule River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

File::Find::Rule::PPI allows you to integrate PPI content queries into your File::Find::Rule searches. Initially, it provides the one additional method "ppi_find_any", which takes an argument identical to the PPI::Node method "find_any" and checks ea...

ADAMK/File-Find-Rule-PPI-1.06 - 06 Oct 2010 00:48:25 GMT - Search in distribution

App::Grepl - PPI-powered grep River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

This is Alpha code. Probably has bugs and the output format of "grepl" is likely to change at some point. Also, we'll add more things you can search for in the future. Right now, you should just need to add them to the %HANDLER_FOR hash. This softwar...

OVID/App-Grepl-0.01 - 20 Aug 2007 19:40:49 GMT - Search in distribution

PPIx::Grep - Search PPI documents (not Perl code). River stage zero No dependents

This is the guts of ppigrep. You're most likely more interested in that....

ELLIOTJS/PPIx-Grep-v0.0.6 - 06 Jul 2008 23:32:11 GMT - Search in distribution
  • ppigrep - Search PPI documents (not Perl code).

PPIx::Refactor - Hooks for refactoring perl via PPI River stage zero No dependents

ZARQUON/PPIx-Refactor-0.10 - 12 Apr 2017 04:42:08 GMT - Search in distribution

Image::ExifTool::TagNames - ExifTool tag name documentation River stage two • 29 direct dependents • 30 total dependents

This document contains a complete list of ExifTool tag names, organized into tables based on information type. Tag names are used to reference specific meta information extracted from or written to a file....

EXIFTOOL/Image-ExifTool-11.50 - 11 Jun 2019 15:29:41 GMT - Search in distribution

Padre - Perl Application Development and Refactoring Environment River stage two • 61 direct dependents • 61 total dependents

Configuration The application maintains its configuration information in a directory called .padre. Other On Strawberry Perl you can associate .pl file extension with C:\strawberry\perl\bin\wxperl and then you can start double clicking on the applica...

PLAVEN/Padre-1.00 - 09 Nov 2013 05:08:58 GMT - Search in distribution

perlcritic - Command-line interface to critique Perl source. River stage three • 113 direct dependents • 454 total dependents

"perlcritic" is a Perl source code analyzer. It is the executable front-end to the Perl::Critic engine, which attempts to identify awkward, hard to read, error-prone, or unconventional constructs in your code. Most of the rules are based on Damian Co...

PETDANCE/Perl-Critic-1.134 - 23 May 2019 02:52:21 GMT - Search in distribution

ppixref - frontend for PPI::Xref for indexing and querying Perl code River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

JHI/PPI-Xref-0.010 - 29 Jan 2016 22:19:08 GMT - Search in distribution

RPerl::Learning River stage one • 3 direct dependents • 3 total dependents

WBRASWELL/RPerl-5.000000 - 04 Jul 2019 18:09:39 GMT - Search in distribution

perloptree - The Perl op tree River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

Various material about the internal Perl compilation representation during parsing and optimization, before the actual execution begins, represented as "B" objects, the "B" op tree. The well-known perlguts.pod focuses more on the internal representat...

RURBAN/B-C-1.57 - 07 May 2019 12:10:41 GMT - Search in distribution

Macrame - filter-time recursive macro framework providing the feature preventing Perl from being "a Lisp." River stage zero No dependents

tokenizing at this version we ignore all whitespace in input and place whitespace in output only between barewords. Lexical blocks are treated as single tokens for signature matching purposes, as are expressions that indicate variables, such as %foo:...

DAVIDNICO/Macrame-0.13 - 03 Feb 2017 01:21:53 GMT - Search in distribution

PAR::FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about PAR River stage two • 8 direct dependents • 14 total dependents

Where is the Windows binary version? You can find windows binaries here: <http://www.cpan.org/authors/id/S/SM/SMUELLER/> There are three ways to install them. Sorted in order of preference: cpan Run the *cpan* command line tool that comes with Perl. ...

RSCHUPP/PAR-1.016 - 20 May 2019 18:13:46 GMT - Search in distribution

App::Fetchware - App::Fetchware is Fetchware's API used to make extensions. River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

App::Fetchware represents fetchware's API. For ducumentation on how to use App::Fetchware's fetchware command line interface see fetchware. It is the heart and soul of fetchware where all of fetchware's main behaviors are kept. It is fetchware's API,...

DLY/App-Fetchware-1.016 - 07 Oct 2016 04:23:59 GMT - Search in distribution

Emacs::Rep - a find & replace engine for rep.pl and rep.el River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

Emacs::Rep is a module that acts as a back-end for the rep.pl script which in turn is used by the emacs library. rep.el. Emacs::Rep is a find and replace engine that can perform multiple perl substitution commands (e.g. s///g) on a given file, record...

DOOM/Emacs-Rep-1.00 - 04 Jul 2012 19:40:16 GMT - Search in distribution

perlmogrify - Command-line interface to transform Perl source. River stage zero No dependents

"perlmogrify" is a Perl5 to Perl6 code transformer. It's the executable front end to Perl::ToPerl6, which is a configurable, extensible code transfomer. Most of the code transfoermers were developed simply by taking sample Perl5 source and hand-editi...

JGOFF/Perl-ToPerl6-0.040 - 30 Aug 2015 18:57:46 GMT - Search in distribution

tidyview - a previewer for the effects of perltidy's plethora of options River stage zero No dependents

tidyview is a Tk-based GUI that assists with selecting options for use with perltidy, a source code reformatter and indenter for Perl. As good as perltidy is, it suffers a little from the huge number of options it supports - so whilst it is possible ...

LEIF/tidyview-1.14 - 21 Jun 2008 07:05:15 GMT - Search in distribution

Code::DRY - Cut-and-Paste-Detector for Perl code River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

The module's main purpose is to report repeated text fragments (typically Perl code) that could be considered for isolation and/or abstraction in order to reduce multiple copies of the same code (aka cut and paste code). Code duplicates may occur in ...

HEXCODER/Code-DRY-0.10 - 12 May 2019 07:23:34 GMT - Search in distribution

staticperl - perl, libc, 100 modules, all in one standalone 500kb file River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

This script helps you to create single-file perl interpreters or applications, or embedding a perl interpreter in your applications. Single-file means that it is fully self-contained - no separate shared objects, no autoload fragments, no .pm or .pl ...

MLEHMANN/App-Staticperl-1.45 - 19 Oct 2018 22:26:28 GMT - Search in distribution
  • staticperl - perl, libc, 100 modules, all in one standalone 500kb file

Devel::Cover - Code coverage metrics for Perl River stage three • 59 direct dependents • 115 total dependents

This module provides code coverage metrics for Perl. Code coverage metrics describe how thoroughly tests exercise code. By using Devel::Cover you can discover areas of code not exercised by your tests and determine which tests to create to increase c...

PJCJ/Devel-Cover-1.33 - 26 Apr 2019 16:49:19 GMT - Search in distribution

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