PPIx::Regexp - Represent a regular expression of some sort

The purpose of the PPIx-Regexp package is to parse regular expressions in a manner similar to the way the PPI package parses Perl. This class forms the root of the parse tree, playing a role similar to PPI::Document. This package shares with PPI the ...

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PPI - Parse, Analyze and Manipulate Perl (without perl)

About this Document This is the PPI manual. It describes its reason for existing, its general structure, its use, an overview of the API, and provides a few implementation samples. Background The ability to read, and manipulate Perl (the language) pr...

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PPIx::Shorthand - Translation of short names to PPI::Element classes.

When developing tools that allow a user to specify a subclass of PPI::Element, the long names of the classes don't make for ease of use. This module exists to provide common short names for these classes so that users don't need to learn different on...

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Task::BeLike::RJRAY - RJRAY's frequently-used and favorite modules

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Perl::Critic::Document - Caching wrapper around a PPI::Document.

Perl::Critic does a lot of iterations over the PPI document tree via the "PPI::Document::find()" method. To save some time, this class pre-caches a lot of the common "find()" calls in a single traversal. Then, on subsequent requests we return the cac...

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Task::Perl::Critic::IncludingOptionalDependencies - Install everything Perl::Critic plus its optional dependencies.

This module does nothing but act as a placeholder. See Task. Inspired by a question at the Perl::Critic BoF at OSCON 2007. WARNING: Installing this distribution will install Policies that directly conflict with each other. If you do not use a .perlcr...

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