Authen::Passphrase::VMSPurdy - passphrases with the VMS Purdy polynomial system River stage two • 15 direct dependents • 31 total dependents

An object of this class encapsulates a passphrase hashed using one of the Purdy polynomial hash functions used in VMS. This is a subclass of Authen::Passphrase, and this document assumes that the reader is familiar with the documentation for that cla...

ZEFRAM/Authen-Passphrase-0.008 - 04 Feb 2012 14:08:39 UTC - Search in distribution

GDA - GNU Data Access library Perl bindings River stage zero No dependents

A suite of Perl modules which wrap the "libgda" library's API. You must use GDA ...; before using any of the other GDA modules. If you don't, you'll get complaints from the GDA module (at best), or crashes and core dumps (at worst)....

GREGOR/GDA-0.2 - 09 Jul 2001 21:15:03 UTC - Search in distribution

psh - Perl SHell River stage zero No dependents

psh is a Perl program which executes a read-eval loop with enough options so that general behavior reasonably similar to more traditional shells like 'sh' or 'bash' can be achieved, while still allowing arbitrary perl expressions to be evaluated. By ...

GREGOR/psh-1.8.1 - 21 Jul 2007 05:11:31 UTC - Search in distribution
  • psh - Developing for Perl Shell
  • pshcomplete - TAB completion in Perl Shell
  • pshconfig - Configuring the Perl Shell

XPC - XML Procedure Call River stage zero No dependents

This class represents an XPC request or response. It uses XML::Parser to parse XML passed to its constructor....

GREGOR/XPC-0.2 - 13 Apr 2001 11:35:13 UTC - Search in distribution

Env - perl module that imports environment variables as scalars or arrays River stage five • 53 direct dependents • 10192 total dependents

Perl maintains environment variables in a special hash named %ENV. For when this access method is inconvenient, the Perl module "Env" allows environment variables to be treated as scalar or array variables. The "Env::import()" function ties environme...

FLORA/Env-1.04 - 02 Mar 2013 17:11:13 UTC - Search in distribution

CGI::MxScreen - a multi-screen stateful CGI framework River stage zero No dependents

"CGI::MxScreen" is a framework for building multi-screen stateful CGI programs. It is rather object-oriented, with some peculiarities brought by persistency constraints: all objects must be handled by "Storable". "CGI::MxScreen" is based on the "CGI"...

PURDY/CGI-MxScreen-0.103 - 18 Oct 2004 15:16:18 UTC - Search in distribution

Morale - Perl module for managing individual and calculating group morale. River stage zero No dependents

This module exists in its current form primarily to support the tkmorale program. See that program for example usage....

GREGOR/Morale-0.002 - 13 Apr 2001 12:52:16 UTC - Search in distribution

Env::Path - Advanced operations on path variables River stage two • 23 direct dependents • 41 total dependents

Env::Path presents an object-oriented interface to *path variables*, defined as that subclass of *environment variables* which name an ordered list of filesystem elements separated by a platform-standard *separator* (typically ':' on UNIX and ';' on ...

DSB/Env-Path-0.19 - 14 May 2013 23:08:16 UTC - Search in distribution

lip2pod - Convert Literate Perl to POD River stage zero No dependents

The lip2pod program uses the Lip::Pod module to extract the Literate Perl information from a file. Other documentation contained by the file is ignored. The prose and code of the input file are both reflected in the output. See Lip::Pod for more info...

GREGOR/Lip-Pod-0.001 - 19 Mar 2000 12:40:52 UTC - Search in distribution

HTML::Lister - Multidimensional Structure to HTML List Converter River stage zero No dependents

HTML::Lister is a small HTML utility that addresses a built-in function that has left unaddressed -- it handles multidimensional objects, calling itself recursively to create an HTML list entity from the contents. Honestly, I hacked this thing...

DODGER/HTML-Lister-0_5 - 21 Nov 2001 18:13:49 UTC - Search in distribution

Authen::DecHpwd - DEC VMS password hashing River stage two • 1 direct dependent • 32 total dependents

This module implements the "SYS$HASH_PASSWORD" password hashing function from VMS (also known as "LGI$HPWD"), and some associated VMS username and password handling functions. The password hashing function is implemented in XS, with a hideously slow ...

ZEFRAM/Authen-DecHpwd-2.007 - 19 Jul 2017 08:19:07 UTC - Search in distribution

Scrape::USPS::ZipLookup - Standardize U.S. postal addresses. River stage zero No dependents

The United States Postal Service (USPS) has on its web site an HTML form at "" for standardizing an address. Given a firm, urbanization, street address, city, state, and zip, it will put the address into standard form (provid...

GREGOR/Scrape-USPS-ZipLookup-2.6 - 29 Mar 2012 04:18:23 UTC - Search in distribution

CGI::Application::Plugin::MessageStack - A message stack for your CGI::Application River stage zero No dependents

This plugin by default needs a session object to tuck away the message(s). It's recommended that you use this in conjunction with CGI::Application::Plugin::Session. You can opt to not have the messages persist and thereby, not use CAP-Session by usin...

PURDY/CGI-Application-Plugin-MessageStack-0.34 - 20 Sep 2006 15:46:55 UTC - Search in distribution

Data::FormValidator::Tutorial River stage zero No dependents

PURDY/Data-FormValidator-Tutorial-1.61 - 23 Sep 2005 16:07:53 UTC - Search in distribution

Image::Density::TIFF River stage zero No dependents

A trivial density calculation would count the number of black pixels and divide by the total number of pixels. However, it would produce misleading results in the case where the image contains one or more target areas with scanned content and large b...

GREGOR/Image-Density-0.3 - 30 Apr 2012 07:57:03 UTC - Search in distribution

Games::Chess::Referee - work with chess positions and games, according to the rules of chess. River stage zero No dependents

The "Games::Chess:Referee" module provides a mechanism to interpret (almost) standard algebraic chess notation and to print out the resulting positions. It makes use of the Games::Chess::Position and Games::Chess::Piece classes by Gareth Rees, adding...

GREGOR/Games-Chess-Referee-0.003 - 27 Mar 2006 04:18:54 UTC - Search in distribution

Python::Bytecode::SAX - Process Python bytecode, generating SAX events. River stage zero No dependents

This module reads and decodes a Python bytecode file, generating SAX1 or SAX2 events (SAX1 is the default) for what it finds. Until more documentation is written, you can examine the two XML files generated in the t/ directory by "make test" to get a...

GREGOR/Python-Bytecode-SAX-0.1 - 21 Feb 2003 04:12:01 UTC - Search in distribution

Tie::Array::FileWriter - A Perl module for writing records to files as items are pushed onto a virtual array River stage zero No dependents

This is a write-only array that can only be written via push. It ignores anything pushed onto it that is not an array reference. Elements of array references are joined by the field delimiter and written to the output file, followed by the record del...

GREGOR/Tie-Array-FileWriter-0.1 - 09 Nov 2001 21:28:45 UTC - Search in distribution

CGI::Application::Plugin::Stream - CGI::Application Plugin for streaming files River stage one • 5 direct dependents • 7 total dependents

This plugin provides a way to stream a file back to the user. This is useful if you are creating a PDF or Spreadsheet document dynamically to deliver to the user. The file is read and printed in small chunks to keep memory consumption down. This plug...

PURDY/CGI-Application-Plugin-Stream-2.12 - 11 Mar 2015 15:07:12 UTC - Search in distribution
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