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Package::FromData - generate a package with methods and variables from a data structure ++

This module creates a package with predefined methods, functions, and variables from a data structure. It's used for testing (mock objects) or experimenting. The idea is that you define a package containing functions that return values based on keys,...

JROCKWAY/Package-FromData-0.01 - 14 Jan 2008 06:42:27 GMT - Search in distribution

App::TemplateServer - application to serve processed templates ++

Occasionally you need to give HTML templates to someone to edit without setting up a full perl environment for them. You can use this application to serve templates to the browser and provide those templates with sample data to operate on. The templa...

JROCKWAY/App-TemplateServer-0.04 - 18 Jan 2008 11:35:43 GMT - Search in distribution

MozRepl::Plugin::Base - Plugin base class. 1 ++

This module is base class any plugins for MozRepl. METHODS new($args) Create instance. $args Hash reference. setup($ctx, @args) Called from MozRepl setup() method. This is abstract method, If you want to task in setup pharse, then must be overriding ...

ZIGOROU/MozRepl-0.06 - 04 Jul 2007 06:28:49 GMT - Search in distribution

Graphics::VTK::Common - A Perl interface to VTKCommon library ++

Graphics::VTK::Common is an interface to the Common libaray of the C++ visualization toolkit VTK.. AUTHOR Original PerlVTK Package: Roberto De Leo <rdl@math.umd.edu> Additional Refinements: John Cerney <j-cerney1@raytheon.com> Graphics::VTK::Abstract...

CERNEY/Graphics-VTK-4.0.001 - 01 Feb 2003 15:47:39 GMT - Search in distribution

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