Parallel::Fork::BossWorker - Perl extension for easiliy creating forking queue processing applications.

Parallel::Fork::BossWorker makes creating multiprocess applications easy. The module is designed to work in a queue style of setup; with the worker processes requesting 'work' from the boss process. The boss process transparently serializes and sends...

TWILDE/Parallel-Fork-BossWorker-0.05 - 04 Nov 2011 14:55:47 GMT - Search in distribution

Parallel::Fork::BossWorkerAsync - Perl extension for creating asynchronous forking queue processing applications.

Parallel::Fork::BossWorkerAsync is a multiprocess preforking server. On construction, the current process forks a "Boss" process (the server), which then forks one or more "Worker" processes. The Boss acts as a manager, accepting jobs from the main p...

JVANNUCCI/Parallel-Fork-BossWorkerAsync-0.09 - 03 Jan 2017 07:08:53 GMT - Search in distribution

Parallel::SubArray - Execute forked subref array and join return values, timeouts and error captures.

I want fast, safe, and simple parallelism. Current offerings did not satisfy me. Most are not enough while remaining are too complex or tedious. Palallel::SubArray scratches my itch: forking, joining, timeouts, return values, and error handling done ...

SIZUR/Parallel-SubArray-0.6 - 11 Feb 2009 06:38:51 GMT - Search in distribution

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