Parallel::MPI - Perl interface to the MPI message passing system ++

The following is a summary of the available constants and functions: Error Handling If an MPI error occurs, set: $Parallel::MPI::errno $Parallel::MPI::errstr $Parallel::MPI::exceptions: if set, toss an exception when an error occurs. Exported constan...

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The following list describes some of the features that we'd like to include in NSP in future. No particular priority is assigned to these items - they are all things we've discussed amongst ourselves or with users and agree would be good to add. If y...

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HTML::Seamstress - HTML::Tree subclass for HTML templating via tree rewriting ++
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Parallel::Mpich::MPD - Mpich MPD wrapper ++

This *Parallel::Mpich::MPD*, a wrapper module for MPICH2 Process Management toolkit from <>. The wrapper include the following tools: basic configuration, mpdcheck, mpdboot, mpdcleanup, mpdtrace, mpdringtest, mp...

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PDL::Parallel::threads - sharing PDL data between Perl threads 2 ++

This module provides a means to share PDL data between different Perl threads. In contrast to PDL's posix thread support (see PDL::Parallel::CPU or, for older versions of PDL, PDL::ParallelCPU), this module lets you work with Perl's built-in threadin...

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