Parallel::MPM::Prefork - A simple non-threaded, non-OO, pre-forking, self-regulating, multi-purpose multi-processing module. Period.

Parallel::MPM::Prefork is a pre-forking multi-processing module that adjusts the number of child processes dynamically depending on the current work load reported by the child processes. The child processes can send the main process (almost) any kind...

CGPAN/Parallel-MPM-Prefork-0.14 - 06 Apr 2014 14:32:33 GMT - Search in distribution

App::Fetchware - App::Fetchware is Fetchware's API used to make extensions.

App::Fetchware represents fetchware's API. For ducumentation on how to use App::Fetchware's fetchware command line interface see fetchware. It is the heart and soul of fetchware where all of fetchware's main behaviors are kept. It is fetchware's API,...

DLY/App-Fetchware-1.016 - 07 Oct 2016 04:23:59 GMT - Search in distribution

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