Params::Check - A generic input parsing/checking mechanism. River stage five • 32 direct dependents • 20846 total dependents

Params::Check is a generic input parsing/checking mechanism. It allows you to validate input via a template. The only requirement is that the arguments must be named. Params::Check can do the following things for you: * Convert all keys to lowercase ...

BINGOS/Params-Check-0.38 - 20 Jun 2013 09:46:19 UTC - Search in distribution

Params::Check::Item - checks the type or value of an item at any point during execution River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

SSTEFFL/Params-Check-Item-0.02 - 24 Jul 2017 12:05:35 UTC - Search in distribution

Params::Check::Faster - A generic input parsing/checking mechanism. Reimplementation of Params::Check. River stage zero No dependents

Params::Check::Faster is a generic input parsing/checking mechanism. This module is a faster reimplementation of Params::Check. It should be 100% compatible. It might be merged with Params::Check at some point, after its author (kane) has reviewed it...

DAMS/Params-Check-Faster-0.04 - 04 Oct 2015 15:39:26 UTC - Search in distribution

Params::Profile::Params_Check - Backend module for Params::Profile River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

"Params::Check" methods for "Params::Profile"...

MICHIEL/Params-Profile-0.12 - 22 Feb 2017 12:39:18 UTC - Search in distribution

Params::CheckCompiler - DEPRECATED - use Params::ValidationCompiler instead River stage zero No dependents

DEPRECATED - use Params::ValidationCompiler instead....

DROLSKY/Params-CheckCompiler-0.08 - 06 Dec 2016 16:53:59 UTC - Search in distribution

CGI::Easy::Request - parse CGI params River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

Parse CGI params (from %ENV and STDIN) and provide user with ease to use hash (object) with all interesting data. FEATURES * DoS protection Maximum size of content in STDIN is always limited. * HTTP Basic authorization support Provide CGI with remote...

POWERMAN/CGI-Easy-v2.0.1 - 03 Apr 2018 15:51:18 UTC - Search in distribution

Sub::Args - Simple check/get arguments. River stage zero No dependents

This module makes your module more readable, and writable =p and restrict a argument's hash. =( When it accesses the key that doesn't exist, the exception is generated....

NEKOKAK/Sub-Args-0.08 - 16 Feb 2011 06:38:04 UTC - Search in distribution

OX - the hardest working two letters in Perl River stage one • 2 direct dependents • 2 total dependents

OX is a web application framework based on Bread::Board, Path::Router, and PSGI. Bread::Board lets you build your application from a collection of normal Moose objects, organized together in a "container", which allows components to easily interopera...

DOY/OX-0.14 - 03 Apr 2014 15:30:33 UTC - Search in distribution

DBI - Database independent interface for Perl River stage four • 919 direct dependents • 2018 total dependents

The DBI is a database access module for the Perl programming language. It defines a set of methods, variables, and conventions that provide a consistent database interface, independent of the actual database being used. It is important to remember th...

TIMB/DBI-1.643 - 31 Jan 2020 19:02:41 UTC - Search in distribution
  • DBI::DBD - Perl DBI Database Driver Writer's Guide
  • DBD::Gofer - A stateless-proxy driver for communicating with a remote DBI

XSH River stage zero No dependents

CHOROBA/XML-XSH-1.8.6 - 09 Mar 2018 23:41:22 UTC - Search in distribution

wsf - Web Service Faker River stage zero No dependents

This application allows building fake web services. Well, they might be real... but don't trust the apps you will generate to be too powerful. Configuration File Definition The input definition file is YAML-formatted and its path is taken from enviro...

POLETTIX/WebService-Fake-0.006 - 13 Mar 2021 04:14:05 UTC - Search in distribution

CGI - Handle Common Gateway Interface requests and responses River stage four • 281 direct dependents • 2506 total dependents is a stable, complete and mature solution for processing and preparing HTTP requests and responses. Major features including processing form submissions, file uploads, reading and writing cookies, query string generation and manipulation, and ...

LEEJO/CGI-4.53 - 03 Jun 2021 06:45:55 UTC - Search in distribution

macropp - A macro pre-processor with embedded perl capability River stage zero No dependents

See for the most complete and up-to-date documentation. See macrodir for a different approach. These commands may appear in separate `macro' files, and/or in the body of files. Wherever a macroname or scriptname is encountered it...

PSCUST/Text-MacroScript-2.11 - 13 Sep 2015 12:37:01 UTC - Search in distribution

Gtk River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 2 total dependents

Introduction The first thing you need to do to use the Gtk module in your perl program is to load the module and initialize it: use Gtk; init Gtk; This can also be shortened to the one-liner: use Gtk '-init'; Now, how do you build the user interface?...

MLEHMANN/Gtk-Perl-0.7010 - 15 Dec 2012 19:43:06 UTC - Search in distribution

Gimp - Write GIMP extensions/plug-ins/load- and save-handlers in Perl River stage zero No dependents

Gimp-Perl is a module for writing plug-ins, extensions, standalone scripts, and file-handlers for the GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP). It can be used to automate repetitive tasks, achieve a precision hard to get through manual use of GIMP, inte...

ETJ/Gimp-2.34 - 17 Apr 2021 20:08:21 UTC - Search in distribution

Nile - Android Like Visual Web App Framework Separating Code From Design Multi Lingual And Multi Theme. River stage zero No dependents

Nile - Android Like Visual Web App Framework Separating Code From Design Multi Lingual And Multi Theme. Beta version, API may change. The project's homepage <>. The main idea in this framework is to separate all the htm...

MEWSOFT/Nile-0.55 - 14 Oct 2014 09:32:49 UTC - Search in distribution

Phoebe - serve a wiki as a Gemini site River stage zero No dependents

Phoebe does two and a half things: It's a program that you run on a computer and other people connect to it using their Gemini client in order to read the pages on it. It's a wiki, which means that people can edit the pages without needing an account...

SCHROEDER/App-phoebe-3 - 23 Feb 2021 09:12:24 UTC - Search in distribution

Java - Perl extension for accessing a JVM remotely or locally River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

This module allows you to talk to a JVM on a local or remote machine. You can create objects, call functions, access fields, deal with arrays, get events & all the nonsense you can do in Java - from Perl!...

METZZO/Java-4.7 - 25 Feb 2004 17:14:31 UTC - Search in distribution

Expect - automate interactions with command line programs that expose a text terminal interface. River stage three • 31 direct dependents • 570 total dependents

See an explanation of What is Expect <> The Expect module is a successor of and a descendent of It more closely resembles the Tcl Expect language than its predecessors. It does not contain any of the netwo...

JACOBY/Expect-1.35 - 18 May 2017 19:13:49 UTC - Search in distribution
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