Params::Validate::Checks - Named checks for use with Params::Validate

Params::Validate lets you precisely specify what are valid arguments to your functions and methods, helping to catch errors sooner and make your programs more robust. But if multiple parameters (in either the same or different subs) have the same spe...

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Params::Validate::Checks::Net - Params::Validate checks for functions taking network-related arguments

This is a library of named checks for use with Params::Validate to validate function and method arguments that should be networky things: domain names, hostnames, IP addresses, or mac addresses. See Params::Validate::Checks for details of the overall...

SMYLERS/Params-Validate-Checks-Net-0.01 - 10 Feb 2008 23:40:53 GMT - Search in distribution

Params::Validate::Checks::Integer - Params::Validate checks for functions taking integer arguments

This is a library of named checks for use with Params::Validate to validate all integers and those that should be non-negative. See Params::Validate::Checks for in-built validation of positive (non-zero) integers. Checks The following named checks ar...

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Syccess - Easy Validation Handler

*Syccess* is developed for SyContent <>. *Syccess* is a simple validation layer, which allows to check a hash of values against a validation definition and give back success or allow to see the error messages of the failure. *Syc...

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Changes - Changes in FormBuilder 3.0, please also see the README

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Brannigan - Comprehensive, flexible system for validating and parsing input, mainly targeted at web applications.

Brannigan is an attempt to ease the pain of collecting, validating and parsing input parameters in web applications. It's designed to answer both of the main problems that web applications face: * Simple user input Brannigan can validate and parse si...

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Arguments - Perl subroutine type-checking

Arguments provides argument checking during compile and run time, supplementing prototype declarations. Why? There are other ways of doing this -- Damian Conway's Attribute::Handlers and Attribute::Types are one very interesting route; Dave Rolsky's ...

BINKLEY/Arguments-0.2 - 08 Oct 2001 15:35:06 GMT - Search in distribution

Data::Sah - Fast and featureful data structure validation

This distribution, "Data-Sah", implements compilers for producing Perl and JavaScript validators, as well as translatable human description text from Sah schemas. Compiler approach is used instead of interpreter for faster speed. The generated valida...

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DBI::DBD - Perl DBI Database Driver Writer's Guide

This document is primarily intended to help people writing new database drivers for the Perl Database Interface (Perl DBI). It may also help others interested in discovering why the internals of a DBD driver are written the way they are. This is a gu...

TIMB/DBI-1.636   (27 reviews) - 24 Apr 2016 22:20:56 GMT - Search in distribution

Data::Util - A selection of utilities for data and data types

This module provides utility functions for data and data types, including functions for subroutines and symbol table hashes (stashes). This module makes for a pure Perl and XS implementation. However, if you want to use the full capacity of it, we re...

SYOHEX/Data-Util-0.65   (2 reviews) - 01 Aug 2016 13:23:20 GMT - Search in distribution

CGI::Debug - module for CGI programs debugging

CGI::Debug will catch (almost) all compilation and runtime errors and warnings and will display them in the browser. Just "use CGI::Debug" on the second row in your program. The module will not change the behaviour of your cgi program. As long as you...

JONAS/CGI-Debug-1.0 - 28 Dec 2000 19:20:34 GMT - Search in distribution

Type::Params - Params::Validate-like parameter validation using Type::Tiny type constraints and coercions

Type::Params uses Type::Tiny constraints to validate the parameters to a sub. It takes the slightly unorthodox approach of separating validation into two stages: 1. Compiling the parameter specification into a coderef; then 2. Using the coderef to va...

TOBYINK/Type-Tiny-1.000005 - 25 Oct 2014 19:08:36 GMT - Search in distribution

HTTP::Tiny - A small, simple, correct HTTP/1.1 client

This is a very simple HTTP/1.1 client, designed for doing simple requests without the overhead of a large framework like LWP::UserAgent. It is more correct and more complete than HTTP::Lite. It supports proxies and redirection. It also correctly resu...

DAGOLDEN/HTTP-Tiny-0.070   (8 reviews) - 10 Oct 2016 03:25:33 GMT - Search in distribution

Smart::Args - argument validation for you

Smart::Args is yet another argument validation library. This module makes your module more readable, and writable =)...

TOKUHIROM/Smart-Args-0.14 - 01 Aug 2016 11:56:10 GMT - Search in distribution

Params::Profile - module for registering Parameter profiles

Params::Profile provides a mechanism for a centralised Params::Check or a Data::FormValidater profile. You can bind a profile to a class::subroutine, then, when you are in a subroutine you can simply call Params::Profile->check($params) of Params::Pr...

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OptreeCheck - check optrees as rendered by B::Concise

RJBS/perl-5.24.0   (6 reviews) - 09 May 2016 11:35:29 GMT - Search in distribution

Params::Util - Simple, compact and correct param-checking functions

"Params::Util" provides a basic set of importable functions that makes checking parameters a hell of a lot easier While they can be (and are) used in other contexts, the main point behind this module is that the functions both Do What You Mean, and D...

ADAMK/Params-Util-1.07   (3 reviews) - 11 Mar 2012 00:40:52 GMT - Search in distribution

Class::Meta - Class automation, introspection, and data validation

Class::Meta provides an interface for automating the creation of Perl classes with attribute data type validation. It differs from other such modules in that it includes an introspection API that can be used as a unified interface for all Class::Meta...

DWHEELER/Class-Meta-0.66   (1 review) - 03 Jul 2012 13:47:28 GMT - Search in distribution

Validate::Tiny - Minimalistic data validation

This module provides a simple, light and minimalistic way of validating user input. Except perl core modules and some test modules it has no other dependencies, which is why it does not implement any complicated checks and filters such as email and c...

MINIMAL/Validate-Tiny-1.551   (2 reviews) - 09 May 2015 05:11:22 GMT - Search in distribution


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