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Parse::PMFile - parses .pm file as PAUSE does ++

The most of the code of this module is taken from the PAUSE code as of April 2013 almost verbatim. Thus, the heart of this module should be quite stable. However, I made it not to use pipe ("-|") as well as I stripped database-related code and permis...

ISHIGAKI/Parse-PMFile-0.19 - 30 Apr 2014 04:34:01 GMT - Search in distribution

Parse::LocalDistribution - parses local .pm files as PAUSE does ++

This is a sister module of Parse::PMFile. This module parses local .pm files (and a META file if any) in a specific (current if not specified) directory, and returns a hash reference that represents "provides" information (with some extra meta data)....

ISHIGAKI/Parse-LocalDistribution-0.12 - 06 Jun 2014 03:49:51 GMT - Search in distribution

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