Parse::SSH2::PublicKey - Parse SSH2 public keys in either SECSH or OpenSSH format.

NMARLEY/Parse-SSH2-PublicKey-0.01 - 04 Nov 2012 06:09:08 GMT - Search in distribution

Control::CLI - Command Line Interface I/O over either Telnet or SSH (IPv4 & IPv6) or Serial port

A Command Line Interface (CLI) is an interface where the user is presented with a command prompt and has to enter ASCII commands to drive or control or configure that device. That interface could be the shell on a unix system or some other command in...

LSTEVENS/Control-CLI-2.05 - 16 Jun 2017 12:52:30 GMT - Search in distribution

Control::CLI::AvayaData - Interact with CLI of Avaya Networking products over any of Telnet, SSH or Serial port

Control::CLI::AvayaData is a sub-class of Control::CLI allowing CLI interaction customized for Avaya (ex Nortel Enterprise) Networking products over any of Telnet, SSH or Serial port. This class supports all of Avaya Virtual Services Platform (VSP), ...

LSTEVENS/Control-CLI-AvayaData-2.03 - 15 Jun 2017 09:06:25 GMT - Search in distribution

Parse::AccessLog - Parse Nginx/Apache access logs in "combined" format.

NMARLEY/Parse-AccessLog-0.01 - 07 Feb 2013 20:17:37 GMT - Search in distribution

Ossec::Log::Parse - Object-oriented Perl interface for parsing ossec alert files

This library provides an easy and convenient way to parse the log files generated by ossec <>....

UNUSEDPHD/Ossec-Log-Parse-0.1.1 - 09 Oct 2015 12:12:04 GMT - Search in distribution

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