Perinci::Examples - Various examples of Rinci metadata

This distribution contains an odd mix of various functions, variables, and other code entities, along with their Rinci metadata. Mostly used for testing Rinci specification and the various Perinci modules. Example scripts are put in a separate distri...

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Perinci::Examples::Export - Examples for exporting

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Perinci::Examples::Bin::Lite - Perinci example CLI scripts (using Perinci::CmdLine::Lite)

This distribution contains example scripts in "bin/" which use Perinci::CmdLine::Lite....

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Perinci::Examples::Bin::Any - Perinci example scripts (using Perinci::CmdLine::Any)

This distribution contains example scripts in "bin/" which use Perinci::CmdLine::Any....

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Perinci::Access::Manual::Examples - Collection of examples

(Client) Simplest usage (Client) Meta action (Client) List action (Client) (HTTP) (Client) (Pipe) (Client) (Socket) (Client) (Server) Dealing with binary data The choice as JSON as the network transport protocol (because it is the lowest common denom...

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Perinci::Examples::Bin::Classic - Perinci example CLI scripts (using Perinci::CmdLine::Classic)

This distribution contains example scripts in "bin/" which use Perinci::CmdLine::Classic. It was split from Perinci::Examples so the latter does not need to depend on Perinci::CmdLine::*....

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Perinci::CmdLine::Classic::Examples - Examples for Perinci::CmdLine

This distribution includes "examples/" which contains example scripts that use Perinci::CmdLine::Classic....

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Perinci::CmdLine::Manual::Examples - Collection of examples

In the examples, Perinci::CmdLine::Any is used to show examples that are applicable to either Perinci::CmdLine::Classic or Perinci::CmdLine::Lite. For examples that are more appropriate or only applicable to specific implementation, the specific modu...

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Rinci - Language-neutral metadata for your code entities

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riap - Riap command-line client shell

A Riap client in the form of a simple interactive command-line shell (as opposed to Perinci::Access which is a Perl library, or peri-run and peri-access which are non-interactive command-line interface). Provides a convenient way to explore API servi...

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Riap - Rinci access protocol

Rinci access protocol (Riap for short), is a client/server, request/response protocol for requesting metadata and performing actions on code entities. It is modeled closely after HTTP, but is a different protocol. It can be layered on top of HTTP (as...

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fsql - Perform SQL queries against files in CSV/TSV/LTSV/JSON/YAML formats

fsql lets you perform SQL queries against one or several "flat" files of various formats. Each file will be regarded as a SQL table. By using SQL queries, you can do various calculations or manipulations that are otherwise hard/cumbersome to do with ...

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testcomp - Test your tab completion

This utility will run your script (finding it in "PATH" if not found in current directory) while setting "COMP_LINE" and "COMP_POINT" to test how your script will perform shell completion. In addition to that, it will also load Log::Any::Adapter::Scr...

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peri-seq - Rinci-/Perinci::CmdLine-based "seq"-like CLI utility

This utility is similar to Unix "seq" command, with a few differences: some differences in option names, JSON output, allow infinite stream (when "to" is not specified)....

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  • App::PeriSeq - Rinci-/Perinci::CmdLine-based "seq"-like CLI utility

Data::Sah - Fast and featureful data structure validation

This module, Data::Sah, implements compilers for producing Perl and JavaScript validators, as well as translatable human description text from Sah schemas. Compiler approach is used instead of interpreter for faster speed. The generated validator cod...

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zodiac-of - Show zodiac for a date

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pretty-res - Format enveloped result prettily

This script formats data structure using Perinci::Result::Format. If data structure is not detected as an enveloped result (see Rinci::function for more information about enveloped result), it will add an envelope for you. You can use this script to ...

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Test::Rinci - Test Rinci metadata

This module performs various checks on a module's Rinci metadata. It is recommended that you include something like "release-rinci.t" in your distribution if you add metadata to your code. If you use Dist::Zilla to build your distribution, there is D...

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Params::Sah - Validate method/function parameters using Sah schemas

This module provides a way for functions to validate their parameters using Sah schemas. The interface is rather different than Params::Validate because it returns a validator *code* instead of directly validating parameters. The returned validator c...

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Perinci::Import - Import functions from another module

This module is the counterpart of Perinci::Exporter (with slightly incompatible semantic in syntax). It lets you import functions from another modules. Imported modules need not define an exporter; the list of importable functions, their tags, etc ar...

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