Perinci::Sub::GetArgs::Argv - Get subroutine arguments from command line arguments (@ARGV)

This module provides "get_args_from_argv()", which parses command line arguments (@ARGV) into subroutine arguments (%args). This module is used by Perinci::CmdLine. For explanation on how command-line options are processed, see Perinci::CmdLine's doc...

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Rinci::resmeta - Function/method result metadata

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Perinci::Sub::Complete - Complete command-line argument using Rinci metadata

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Perinci::Sub::GetArgs::Array - Get subroutine arguments (%args) from array

This module provides get_args_from_array(). This module is used by, among others, Perinci::Sub::GetArgs::Argv....

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Perinci::Sub::To::CLIDocData - From Rinci function metadata, generate structure convenient for producing CLI documentation (help/usage/POD)

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Perinci::CmdLine::Manual - Perinci::CmdLine manual

Perinci::CmdLine is a command-line application framework. It parses command-line options and dispatches to one of your specified Perl functions, passing the command-line options and arguments to the function. It accesses functions via Riap protocol (...

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Perinci::Sub::To::FishComplete - From Rinci function metadata, generate tab completion commands for the fish shell

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