Perinci::Sub::GetArgs::Array - Get subroutine arguments (%args) from array

This module provides get_args_from_array(). This module is used by, among others, Perinci::Sub::GetArgs::Argv....

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Rinci::resmeta - Function/method result metadata

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Perinci::Sub::Complete - Complete command-line argument using Rinci metadata

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Perinci::CmdLine::Base - Base class for Perinci::CmdLine{::Classic,::Lite}

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Perinci::CmdLine::Manual - Perinci::CmdLine manual

Perinci::CmdLine is a command-line application framework. It parses command-line options and dispatches to one of your specified Perl functions, passing the command-line options and arguments to the function. It accesses functions via Riap protocol (...

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Perinci::Sub::GetArgs::Argv - Get subroutine arguments from command line arguments (@ARGV)

This module provides "get_args_from_argv()", which parses command line arguments (@ARGV) into subroutine arguments (%args). This module is used by Perinci::CmdLine. For explanation on how command-line options are processed, see Perinci::CmdLine's doc...

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Perinci::Sub::To::FishComplete - From Rinci function metadata, generate tab completion commands for the fish shell

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Perinci::Sub::To::CLIDocData - From Rinci function metadata, generate structure convenient for producing CLI documentation (help/usage/POD)

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Perinci::Sub::ConvertArgs::Argv - Convert hash arguments to command-line options (and arguments)

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Plack::Middleware::PeriAHS::ParseRequest - Parse Riap request from HTTP request

This middleware's task is to parse Riap request from HTTP request (PSGI environment) and should normally be the first middleware put in the stack. Parsing result The result of parsing will be put in "$env->{"riap.request"}" hashref. Aside from that, ...

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