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Perinci::Use - Use a Riap package like a local Perl module ++

This module provides use_riap_package(), usually used as shown in Synopsis, a la Perl's use(). This module uses Log::Any for logging. FUNCTIONS None are exported. use_riap_package(%args) -> [status, msg, result, meta] Use a Riap package as if it was ...

SHARYANTO/Perinci-Use-0.04 - 26 May 2014 14:17:35 GMT - Search in distribution

Perinci - Collection of Perl modules for Rinci and Riap ++

Perinci is a collection of modules for implementing/providing tools pertaining to Rinci and Riap, spread over several distributions for faster incremental releases. These tools include: * Wrapper Perinci::Sub::Wrapper is the subroutine wrapper which ...

SHARYANTO/Perinci-0.31 - 12 Nov 2013 08:52:33 GMT - Search in distribution

Rinci - Language-neutral metadata for your code entities ++
SHARYANTO/Rinci-1.1.52 - 29 Jun 2014 13:36:04 GMT - Search in distribution

riap - Riap command-line client shell ++

A Riap client in the form of a simple interactive command-line shell (as opposed to Perinci::Access which is a Perl library, or peri-run and peri-access which are non-interactive command-line interface). Provides a convenient way to explore API servi...

SHARYANTO/App-riap-0.13 - 02 Jul 2014 15:07:49 GMT - Search in distribution

Riap - Rinci access protocol ++

Rinci access protocol (Riap for short), is a client/server, request/response protocol for requesting metadata and performing actions on code entities. It is modeled closely after HTTP, but is a different protocol. It can be layered on top of HTTP (as...

SHARYANTO/Riap-1.1.23 - 18 Jun 2014 14:44:15 GMT - Search in distribution

Setup - Specification for setup module ++
SHARYANTO/Setup-1.0.4 - 04 Sep 2012 03:33:31 GMT - Search in distribution

fsql - Perform SQL queries against files in CSV/TSV/LTSV/JSON/YAML formats ++

fsql lets you perform SQL queries against "flat" files of various formats. Each file will be regarded as a SQL table. The magic of all this is performed by DBD::CSV and SQL::Statement. There must be at least one table specified (with "--add" or one o...

SHARYANTO/App-fsql-0.11 - 02 Jul 2014 13:46:09 GMT - Search in distribution

Gepok - PSGI server with built-in HTTPS support, Unix sockets, preforking 3 ++

Gepok is a PSGI server implementation. Its features are: * HTTPS support out-of-the-box This is the primary (if not the only) reason why I wrote Gepok, and why it uses HTTP::Daemon::* family (because there is HTTP::Daemon::SSL). I needed a pure-Perl ...

SHARYANTO/Gepok-0.27 - 03 Jun 2014 06:17:44 GMT - Search in distribution

osnames - List possible Perl $^O ($OSNAME) values ++
SHARYANTO/App-osnames-0.03 - 26 Oct 2013 05:51:27 GMT - Search in distribution

Complete - Completion modules family ++

The namespace "Complete::" is used for the family of modules that deal with completion (including, but not limited to, shell tab completion, tab completion feature in other CLI-based application, web autocomplete, etc). "Complete::Bash::*" modules ar...

SHARYANTO/Complete-0.03 - 02 Jul 2014 14:24:54 GMT - Search in distribution

Data::Sah - Fast and featureful data structure validation 2 ++

This module, Data::Sah, implements compilers for producing Perl and JavaScript validators, as well as translatable human description text from Sah schemas. Compiler approach is used instead of interpreter for faster speed. The generated validator cod...

SHARYANTO/Data-Sah-0.29 - 30 Jun 2014 16:30:59 GMT - Search in distribution

pretty-res - Format enveloped result prettily ++

This script formats data structure using Perinci::Result::Format. If data structure is not detected as an enveloped result (see Rinci::function for more information about enveloped result), it will add an envelope for you. You can use this script to ...

SHARYANTO/App-PrettyRes-0.01 - 22 Apr 2014 05:02:28 GMT - Search in distribution

Perinci::Import - Import functions from another module ++

This module is the counterpart of Perinci::Exporter (with slightly incompatible semantic in syntax). It lets you import functions from another modules. Imported modules need not define an exporter; the list of importable functions, their tags, etc ar...

SHARYANTO/Perinci-Import-0.02 - 01 Apr 2014 15:34:49 GMT - Search in distribution

Test::Rinci - Test Rinci metadata ++

This module performs various checks on a module's Rinci metadata. It is recommended that you include something like "release-rinci.t" in your distribution if you add metadata to your code. If you use Dist::Zilla to build your distribution, there is D...

SHARYANTO/Test-Rinci-0.07 - 20 Dec 2013 17:15:09 GMT - Search in distribution

Perinci::To::POD - Generate POD documentation for a package from Rinci metadata ++
SHARYANTO/Perinci-To-Doc-0.51 - 01 May 2014 15:37:08 GMT - Search in distribution

Perinci::Access - Wrapper for Perinci Riap clients ++

This module provides a convenient wrapper to select appropriate Riap client (Perinci::Access::*) objects based on URI scheme. /Foo/Bar/ -> Perinci::Access::Schemeless pl:/Foo/Bar -> Perinci::Access::Perl riap://perl/Foo/Bar/ -> Perinci::Access::Perl ...

SHARYANTO/Perinci-Access-0.36 - 08 Sep 2013 09:39:18 GMT - Search in distribution

Perinci::Easy - Some easy shortcuts for Perinci ++

This module provides some easy shortcuts. FUNCTIONS defsub SEE ALSO Perinci DESCRIPTION This module has Rinci metadata. FUNCTIONS None are exported by default, but they are exportable. defsub() -> [status, msg, result, meta] Define a subroutine. This...

SHARYANTO/Perinci-Easy-0.28 - 10 Aug 2012 12:48:11 GMT - Search in distribution

WWW::GudangAPI ++

This module is the Perl client library for GudangAPI, <http://www.gudangapi.com/>. It is currently a very thin (and probably pretty useless) wrapper for Perinci::Access, since GudangAPI is Riap-compliant. As a matter of fact, you can just do: my $pa ...

SHARYANTO/WWW-GudangAPI-0.04 - 23 Mar 2012 02:36:53 GMT - Search in distribution

peri-htserve - Serve Perl modules over HTTP(S) using the Riap::HTTP protocol ++

For now, please see source code for more details (or --help). QUICK TIPS Complex argument In raw HTTP, you can send complex argument by encoding it in JSON, e.g.: $ curl 'http://localhost:5000/api/Foo/Bar/func?array:j=[1,2,3]' Notice the ":j" suffix ...

SHARYANTO/Perinci-Access-HTTP-Server-0.49 - 04 Jul 2014 04:57:15 GMT - Search in distribution

Perinci::Object - Object-oriented interface for Rinci metadata ++

Rinci works using pure data structures, but sometimes it's convenient to have an object-oriented interface (wrapper) for those data. This module provides just that. FUNCTIONS rimeta $meta => OBJECT Exported by default. A shortcut for Perinci::Object:...

SHARYANTO/Perinci-Object-0.13 - 03 Jan 2014 07:32:07 GMT - Search in distribution

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