Perl::Compare - Normalized Comparison for Perl Source Trees ++

Perl::Compare is designed to allow you to create customised comparisons between different directory trees of Perl source code which are based on normalized documents, and thus ignore "unimportant" changes to files. Comparison Targets A comparison tar...

ADAMK/Perl-Compare-0.11 - 02 Jun 2008 03:52:28 GMT - Search in distribution

Hub::Perl::Compare - Scalar value comparisons ++

Efficient routine to compare scalar values when the operator is variable. PUBLIC METHODS compare Wrapper for Perl's internal comparison operators. Usage: compare $operator, $left_operand, $right_operand Support runtime comparison when the operator is...

RYANGIES/hub-standard-04.00.043 - 02 Aug 2007 16:12:08 GMT - Search in distribution

Test::XML - Compare XML in perl tests 4 ++

This module contains generic XML testing tools. See below for a list of other modules with functions relating to specific XML modules. FUNCTIONS is_xml ( GOT, EXPECTED [, TESTNAME ] ) This function compares GOT and EXPECTED, both of which are strings...

SEMANTICO/Test-XML-0.08   (2 reviews) - 02 Jul 2009 06:12:12 GMT - Search in distribution

Data::Compare - compare perl data structures 3 ++

Compare two perl data structures recursively. Returns 0 if the structures differ, else returns 1. A few data types are treated as special cases: Scalar::Properties objects This has been moved into a plugin, although functionality remains the same as ...

DCANTRELL/Data-Compare-1.25   (2 reviews) - 10 Dec 2014 13:36:39 GMT - Search in distribution

webtools - Full featured WEB Development Tools (compare with Php language) in Perl syntax ++

This package is written in pure Perl and its main purpose is: to help all Web developers. It brings in self many features of modern Web developing: - Grabs best of Php but in Perl syntax. - Embedded Perl into HTML files. - Buffered output. - Easy rea...

JLISHEV/WebTools-1.27 - 26 Aug 2002 15:26:48 GMT - Search in distribution

Data::Comparator - recursively compare Perl datatypes ++

Compare two sets of (structured) data, report on the differences found with a differences describing data structure. Additionally a set of expected differences may be given in the form of a differences describing data structure. Returns a differences...

CORNELIS/Data-Utilities-0.04 - 28 Dec 2007 17:29:22 GMT - Search in distribution

Speedometer - An easy interface to the Benchmark moudule to compare the performance of two Perl files. ++
KPAWAR/Speedometer-1.07 - 03 Sep 2014 13:28:00 GMT - Search in distribution

BAYASHI/Web-Compare-0.04 - 20 Jul 2014 14:12:30 GMT - Search in distribution

yt - YAML Tester for Perl Implementations ++

This command line tool, "yt", can be used to run the entire YAML-Tests suite against a particular Perl YAML implementation. "yt" is basically a wrapper around "prove". As such, it accepts and passes along "prove" command line options. The main differ...

INGY/YAML-Tests-0.06 - 22 Jun 2007 01:07:42 GMT - Search in distribution

yq - Filter YAML through a command-line program 5 ++

This program takes a stream of YAML documents (on STDIN or file arguments), applies a filter, then writes the results to STDOUT. ARGUMENTS script The script to run. For the script syntax, see SYNTAX. <file> A YAML file to filter. The special file "-"...

PREACTION/ETL-Yertl-0.023 - 26 Feb 2015 18:37:55 GMT - Search in distribution

yq - Filter YAML through a command-line program 1 ++

NOTE: This project is now ETL::Yertl - The ETL with a shell. This distribution is deprecated and will not be updated. This program takes a stream of YAML documents (on STDIN or file arguments), applies a filter, then writes the results to STDOUT. ARG...

PREACTION/App-YAML-Filter-0.015 - 29 Dec 2014 23:18:20 GMT - Search in distribution

GD - Interface to Gd Graphics Library 15 ++ is a Perl interface to Thomas Boutell's gd graphics library (version 2.01 or higher; see below). GD allows you to create color drawings using a large number of graphics primitives, and emit the drawings as PNG files. GD defines the following fo...

LDS/GD-2.56   (5 reviews) - 28 Oct 2014 01:35:39 GMT - Search in distribution

bc - An arbitrary precision calculator language 4 ++

*bc* is a language that supports arbitrary precision numbers with interactive execution of statements. There are some similarities in the syntax to the C programming language. A standard math library is available by command line option. If requested,...

CWEST/ppt-0.14   (1 review) - 05 Aug 2004 14:48:58 GMT - Search in distribution
  • bc - An arbitrary precision calculator language
  • look - find lines in a sorted list
  • sort - sort or merge text files

RPM - Perl interface to the API for the RPM Package Manager ++

The Perl-RPM package is an extension for natively linking the functionality of the RPM Package Manager with the extension facility of Perl. The aim is to offer all the functionality made available via the C API in the form of Perl object classes. At ...

RJRAY/Perl-RPM-1.51   (1 review) - 25 Apr 2007 01:52:51 GMT - Search in distribution

Jvm - Perl extension for Java VM invocation ++

This package allows you to invoke Java API in Perl. You can invoke java methods of the standard Java classes as well as your own Java program. Java Signature You have to specify Java method signature when call Java API. This is because a java class m...

YEWEI/Jvm-0.9.2   (1 review) - 08 Sep 2001 07:12:19 GMT - Search in distribution

FAQ ++

This FAQ is very much a work in progress, and is written somewhat informally. Please take the information contained herein in that light. I'd be happy to elaborate on any point raised here that isn't clear. Also, if you spot errors or have suggestion...

TPEDERSE/Text-NSP-1.27 - 16 Feb 2013 21:32:39 GMT - Search in distribution
  • INSTALL - Installation instructions for Text-NSP
  • - Calculate Spearman's Correlation on two ranked lists output by or

cmp - compare two files 7 ++

*cmp* compares two files, byte-by-byte. The result of the comparison is always given by the exit status, and may be summarized on the standard output according to the options given on the command line. If the two compared files are identical, *cmp* w...

BDFOY/PerlPowerTools-1.004 - 20 Dec 2014 15:40:52 GMT - Search in distribution
  • look - find lines in a sorted list
  • sort - sort or merge text files
  • PerlPowerTools - BSD utilities written in pure Perl

UID ++

The "UID" module lets you declare unique identifiers — values that you can be sure will not be coincidentally matched by some other value. The values are not "universally" unique (UUIDs/GUIDs); they are unique for a single run of your program. Define...

PLATO/UID-0.24 - 16 Apr 2009 20:26:35 GMT - Search in distribution

p5u - utilities for Perl 5 development and administration 2 ++

p5u is a command-line tool which provides a handful of helpful utilities for Perl development and administration. For example, reporting on what versions of a module are installed locally; which are available on CPAN; how the versions compare on the ...

TOBYINK/P5U-0.100 - 24 May 2013 13:44:04 GMT - Search in distribution

PIR - Short alias for Path::Iterator::Rule 16 ++

This is an empty subclass of Path::Iterator::Rule. It saves you from having to type the full name repeatedly, which is particularly handy for one-liners: $ perl -MPIR -wE 'say for PIR->new->skip_dirs(".")->perl_module->all(@INC)' USAGE Constructors "...

DAGOLDEN/Path-Iterator-Rule-1.008 - 04 Feb 2014 22:41:44 GMT - Search in distribution