Perl6::Pugs - A Perl 6 Implementation River stage zero No dependents

Pugs is an implementation of Perl 6 <>, written in Haskell <>. It aims to support the full Perl 6 specification, as detailed in the Synopses <>. The Pugs proje...

AUDREYT/Perl6-Pugs-6.2.13 - 17 Oct 2006 12:51:53 GMT - Search in distribution

Pugs::Runtime::Perl6 River stage zero No dependents

Provides runtime routines for the Perl6-in-Perl5 compiled code...

AUDREYT/v6-alpha-0.006 - 06 Jul 2006 08:30:31 GMT - Search in distribution

lib/Pugs/Emitter/Rule/Perl6/ River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

FGLOCK/Pugs-Compiler-Rule-0.37 - 29 Jul 2008 22:13:34 GMT - Search in distribution

v6 - A Perl 6 implementation River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

The "v6" module is a front-end to the "Perlito" Perl6 compiler. Alternate backend modules can be installed. For example, the "Mildew" compiler can be used as: use v6-mildew;...

FGLOCK/v6-0.047 - 28 Jul 2016 17:06:26 GMT - Search in distribution

grok - Perl 6 documentation reader River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

This little application is intended to be a "perldoc" for Perl 6. Prior art and inspiration Perl 5's "perldoc" (<>) Python's "pydoc" (<>) Ruby's "ri" (<http://svn.ruby-lang....

HINRIK/grok-0.26 - 05 Jan 2012 18:18:19 GMT - Search in distribution

Class::C3 - A pragma to use the C3 method resolution order algorithm River stage three • 37 direct dependents • 536 total dependents

This is pragma to change Perl 5's standard method resolution order from depth-first left-to-right (a.k.a - pre-order) to the more sophisticated C3 method resolution order. NOTE: YOU SHOULD NOT USE THIS MODULE DIRECTLY - The feature provided is integr...

HAARG/Class-C3-0.34 - 19 Apr 2018 16:27:46 GMT - Search in distribution

PPIx::Regexp - Represent a regular expression of some sort River stage three • 7 direct dependents • 490 total dependents

The purpose of the PPIx-Regexp package is to parse regular expressions in a manner similar to the way the PPI package parses Perl. This class forms the root of the parse tree, playing a role similar to PPI::Document. This package shares with PPI the ...

WYANT/PPIx-Regexp-0.063 - 08 Nov 2018 16:31:12 GMT - Search in distribution

Class::MOP - A Meta Object Protocol for Perl 5 River stage four • 2960 direct dependents • 4390 total dependents

This module is a fully functioning meta object protocol for the Perl 5 object system. It makes no attempt to change the behavior or characteristics of the Perl 5 object system, only to create a protocol for its manipulation and introspection. That sa...

ETHER/Moose-2.2011 - 16 May 2018 03:48:17 GMT - Search in distribution

share::table_index River stage one • 2 direct dependents • 2 total dependents

HINRIK/Perl6-Doc-0.47 - 06 Dec 2010 03:25:27 GMT - Search in distribution

PPIx::QuoteLike - Parse Perl string literals and string-literal-like things. River stage three • 2 direct dependents • 430 total dependents

This Perl class parses Perl string literals and things that are reasonably like string literals. Its real reason for being is to find interpolated variables for Perl::Critic policies and similar code....

WYANT/PPIx-QuoteLike-0.006 - 09 Jul 2018 14:31:30 GMT - Search in distribution

Algorithm::C3 - A module for merging hierarchies using the C3 algorithm River stage three • 3 direct dependents • 538 total dependents

This module implements the C3 algorithm. I have broken this out into it's own module because I found myself copying and pasting it way too often for various needs. Most of the uses I have for C3 revolve around class building and metamodels, but it co...

HAARG/Algorithm-C3-0.10 - 16 Aug 2014 00:20:31 GMT - Search in distribution

CPAN::Reporter::Smoker - Turnkey CPAN Testers smoking River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

Rudimentary smoke tester for CPAN Testers, built upon CPAN::Reporter. Use at your own risk. It requires a recent version of CPAN::Reporter to run. Currently, CPAN::Reporter::Smoker requires zero independent configuration; instead it uses configuratio...

DAGOLDEN/CPAN-Reporter-Smoker-0.29 - 16 Apr 2017 02:19:02 GMT - Search in distribution

Perl6::Contexts - array and hash variables turn into references to themselves when used in non-numeric scalar context or as function arguments River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

Perl6::Contexts makes Perl 5 behave more like Perl 6 with regard to the array and hash variables as used as arguments to operators, method calls, and functions. This module doesn't add new syntax -- it merely changes the meaning of existing syntax. U...

SWALTERS/Perl6-Contexts-0.4 - 19 Jun 2005 11:35:33 GMT - Search in distribution

Book::Chinese::MasterPerlToday::BeACPANAuthor - Be a CPAN Author River stage zero No dependents

本章主要描述如何成为一个 CPAN 贡献者 您有一个非常好的模块,您想与整个 Perl 社区分享。最好的方式是将您的模块上传到 CPAN,本章将描述如何打包,上传您的模块和一些 CPAN 社区约定俗成的惯例。 PAUSE 上传模块到 CPAN 之前,您首先需要到 PAUSE <> 申请一个帐号。通常帐号会在一周之内被批准(因为是志愿者自愿维护和批准整个 PAUSE 网站,所以有点慢)。 上传模块将在您通过帐号批准之后,登录 PAUSE 网站,然后点击左...

FAYLAND/Book-Chinese-MasterPerlToday-0.02 - 31 Aug 2009 05:35:44 GMT - Search in distribution

Task::Smoke - Install modules required for Pugs-like smoke system River stage zero No dependents

Perl6::Pugs is an experimental implementation of Perl 6. It does not have many prerequisites by itself: merely perl 5.6.1 or 5.8.3, and a decently new ExtUtils::MakeMaker. If you wish to run the powerful smoke test system that comes with Pugs, howeve...

GAAL/Task-Smoke-0.19 - 01 Aug 2008 20:56:30 GMT - Search in distribution

Bundle::Perl6 - A bundle to install Perl6-related modules River stage zero No dependents

This bundle defines modules that may be of interest to those discussing and implementing the Perl 6 language. Some of these are proof-of-concepts that the respective authors have implemented to show how things might work in Perl 6....

MARCEL/Bundle-Perl6-0.12 - 17 Dec 2008 12:06:48 GMT - Search in distribution

Data::Capture - Perl6 Capture objects River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 4 total dependents

CLKAO/Data-Capture-0.27 - 14 May 2008 14:52:22 GMT - Search in distribution

Bundle::Pugs::SmokeKit - Bundle for running Pugs smoke tests River stage zero No dependents

This module has been obsoleted by Task::Smoke. Please install that instead....

GAAL/Bundle-Pugs-SmokeKit-1.00 - 06 Jul 2006 03:18:22 GMT - Search in distribution

Goo::Thing::pm::Perl6Compiler - Compile a Perl6 program River stage zero No dependents

NIGE/Goo-0.09 - 03 Dec 2005 17:17:14 GMT - Search in distribution

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