Pipe - Framework to create pipes using iterators

Building an iterating pipe with prebuilt and home made tubes. Methods logger Method to print something to the log file, especially for debugging This method is here to be use by Tube authors $self->logger("log messages"); run The method that actually...

SZABGAB/Pipe-0.05 - 18 May 2012 03:20:45 GMT - Search in distribution

Sub::Pipe - chain subs with | (pipe)

FUJIWARA/Sub-Pipe-0.03 - 10 Jun 2009 02:42:51 GMT - Search in distribution

Win32::Pipe - Win32 Named Pipe

General Use This extension gives Win32 Perl the ability to use Named Pipes. Why? Well considering that Win32 Perl does not (yet) have the ability to "fork" I could not see what good the "pipe(X,Y)" was. Besides, where I am as an admin I must have sev...

JDB/Win32-Pipe-0.025   (1 review) - 05 Dec 2013 01:18:51 GMT - Search in distribution


This module is a Feed model that can mimic the functionality of standard UNIX pipe and filter style text processing tools. Instead of operating on lines from text files, it operates on entries from Atom (or RSS) feeds. The idea is to provide a high-l...

FREW/Feed-Pipe-1.004 - 15 Feb 2016 10:04:35 GMT - Search in distribution

POE::Pipe - Deprecated and replaced with delegates to IO::Pipely.

On June 29, 2012, POE::Pipe and its subclasses, POE::Pipe::OneWay and POE::Pipe::TwoWay were released to CPAN as IO::Pipely. The POE::Pipe family of modules remained unchanged in POE's distribution. On August 18, 2013, POE::Pipe and its subclasses we...

RCAPUTO/POE-1.367   (12 reviews) - 03 Jun 2015 14:20:42 GMT - Search in distribution

IO::Pipe - supply object methods for pipes

"IO::Pipe" provides an interface to creating pipes between processes....

GBARR/IO-1.25 - 14 May 2009 00:29:16 GMT - Search in distribution
  • IO - load various IO modules
  • IO::Seekable - supply seek based methods for I/O objects

Pipe::Find - Find the processes behind the pipes that you open

PERLANCAR/Pipe-Find-0.04 - 05 Mar 2016 09:35:21 GMT - Search in distribution

PGP::Pipe - perl module to work with PGP messages

The PGP module allow a perl script to work with PGP related files....

GEHIC/PGP-0.3a - 14 Aug 1996 19:41:51 GMT - Search in distribution

Text::Pipe - Common text filter API

This class is a factory for text pipes. A pipe has a "filter()" method through which input can pass. The input can be a string or a reference to an array of strings. Pipes can be stacked together using Text::Pipe::Stackable. The problem that this dis...

MARCEL/Text-Pipe-0.10 - 18 Sep 2009 11:14:02 GMT - Search in distribution

IO::All::Pipe - Pipe Support for IO::All


INGY/IO-All-0.86   (9 reviews) - 02 Jan 2015 02:45:16 GMT - Search in distribution

XAS::Lib::Pipe - Interact with named pipes

The module provides a POE based framework for reading and writing to named pipes....

KESTEB/XAS-0.14 - 30 Aug 2016 15:53:43 GMT - Search in distribution

Pipe::Tube::Csv - Csv processor tube in Pipe

The ->csv() call can get a HASH reference parameter, the same parameter as Text::CSV would get. We pass it directly to that module. Split up lines of csv file and return an array reference for each line. TODO: use the first row as key names and on ev...

SZABGAB/Pipe-Tube-Csv-0.04 - 21 May 2012 04:29:26 GMT - Search in distribution

Text::Pipe::HTML - Text pipes that can encode and decode HTML entities

This is a marker class; the actual pipe segment classes live in the "Text::Pipe::HTML::" namespace....

MARCEL/Text-Pipe-HTML-1.100880 - 29 Mar 2010 21:39:35 GMT - Search in distribution

IOMux::Pipe::Write - write to an external command

In an event driven program, you must be careful with every Operation System call, because it can block the event mechanism, hence the program as a whole. Often you can be lazy with writes, because its communication buffers are usually working quite a...

MARKOV/IOMux-1.00 - 11 Nov 2015 11:39:38 GMT - Search in distribution

Dancer::Logger::Pipe - pipe-based logging engine for Dancer

This is a pipe-based logging engine that allows you to pipe your log output...

MOSHEGOOD/Dancer-Logger-Pipe-0.01 - 11 Jan 2011 19:50:26 GMT - Search in distribution

AnyData::Format::Pipe - tiedhash & DBI/SQL access to Pipe delimited files

This is a plug-in format parser for the AnyData and DBD::AnyData modules. It will read column names from the first row of the file, or accept names passed by the user. In addition to column names, the user may set other options as follows: col_names ...

REHSACK/AnyData-0.12 - 28 Jan 2015 20:26:22 GMT - Search in distribution
  • AnyData - (DEPRECATED) easy access to data in many formats

Child::Link::IPC::Pipe - Base class for link objects used by the Child::IPC::Pipe plugin.

EXODIST/Child-0.013 - 22 Jun 2016 15:23:05 GMT - Search in distribution


A Mesos::Dispatcher implementation which uses a Unix pipe for dispatching. This class is intended for subclassing, as it requires an event loop(such as AnyEvent) to handle reading from the pipe....

MAF/Mesos-1.07.1 - 02 Sep 2016 00:25:32 GMT - Search in distribution

Text::Pipe::W3CDTF::Parse - Parse a W3CDTF date-time string into a DateTime object

MARCEL/Text-Pipe-W3CDTF-1.100890 - 29 Mar 2010 22:50:45 GMT - Search in distribution

PerlIO::via::Pipe - PerlIO layer to filter input through a Text::Pipe

This package implements a PerlIO layer for reading files only. It exports, on request, a function "set_io_pipe" that you can use to set a Text::Pipe pipe. If you then use the "Pipe" layer as shown in the synopsis, the input gets filtered through the ...

MARCEL/PerlIO-via-Pipe-1.100860 - 27 Mar 2010 12:34:20 GMT - Search in distribution