Plack::Middleware::Apache2::ModSSL - pull in $env data from mod_ssl API

Apache mod_ssl provides a bunch of data about the SSL connection. While much of this is often exposed in environment variables, sometimes server configuration (especially the *SSLOptions* configuration directive) will result in some of the data not b...

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Plack::Middleware::GepokX::ModSSL - roughly compatible with Plack::Middleware::Apache2::ModSSL

This middleware attempts to recreate for Gepok, some of the SSL information which Apache's mod_ssl would put into the Plack $env hashref. It supports the following variables, as defined by <>. * "SSL_C...

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Plack::Middleware::Auth::WebID - authentication middleware for WebID

Plack::Middleware::Auth::WebID is a WebID handler for Plack. If authentication is successful, then the handler sets "$env->{WEBID}" to the user's WebID URI, and sets "$env->{WEBID_OBJECT}" to a Web::ID object....

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