Plack::Middleware::Header - modify HTTP response headers 2 ++

Plack::Middleware::Header AUTHOR Masahiro Chiba LICENSE This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself. SEE ALSO Plack::Middleware Plack::Builder ...

CHIBA/Plack-Middleware-Header-0.04 - 09 Sep 2010 06:44:33 GMT - Search in distribution

Plack::Middleware::Proxy::ByHeader - choose remote host by header ++

Plack::Middleware::Proxy::ByHeader examines the request header to set the special environment variable *plack.proxy.url* which is used by Plack::App::Proxy to proxy the request. If any of the header field names set with the option *header* is present...

MDOM/Plack-Middleware-Proxy-ByHeader-0.01 - 22 Jul 2013 13:45:30 GMT - Search in distribution

Plack::Middleware::BlockHeaderInjection - block header injections in responses ++

This middleware will check responses for injected headers. If the headers contain newlines, then the return code is set to 500 and the offending header(s) are removed. A common source of header injections is when parameters are passed unchecked into ...

RRWO/Plack-Middleware-BlockHeaderInjection-v0.1.1 - 16 Aug 2014 17:27:40 GMT - Search in distribution

Plack::Middleware::SetEnvFromHeader - Set environment variables from the values of request headers ++

SetEnvFromHeader modifies the environment passed to the application by adding your specified keys with the values pulled from the request header. This is primarily useful when testing apps under plackup (or similar) in a development environment. It m...

TSIBLEY/Plack-Middleware-SetEnvFromHeader-0.01 - 23 Sep 2013 22:51:21 GMT - Search in distribution

Kelp - A web framework light, yet rich in nutrients. 24 ++

If you're going to be deploying a Perl based web application, chances are that you will be using Plack. Plack has almost all necessary tools to create and maintain a healthy web app. Tons of middleware is written for it, and there are several very we...

MINIMAL/Kelp-0.9021   (3 reviews) - 15 Dec 2014 07:02:58 GMT - Search in distribution

PSGI - Perl Web Server Gateway Interface Specification 35 ++
MIYAGAWA/PSGI-1.102 - 24 Jul 2013 20:13:37 GMT - Search in distribution
  • PSGI::FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions and answers

Raisin - a REST API micro framework for Perl. 14 ++

Raisin is a REST API micro framework for Perl. It's designed to run on Plack, providing a simple DSL to easily develop RESTful APIs. It was inspired by Grape <>. FUNCTIONS API DESCRIPTION resource Adds a route to an a...

RTKH/Raisin-0.58 - 05 Mar 2015 08:19:51 GMT - Search in distribution

Prancer ++

Prancer is yet another PSGI framework that provides routing and session management as well as plugins for logging, database access, and template engines. It does this by wrapping Web::Simple to handle routing and by wrapping other libraries to bring ...

PLOCKABY/Prancer-1.04 - 13 Dec 2014 04:38:39 GMT - Search in distribution

Gepok - PSGI server with built-in HTTPS support, Unix sockets, preforking 3 ++

Gepok is a PSGI server implementation. Its features are: * HTTPS support out-of-the-box This is the primary (if not the only) reason why I wrote Gepok, and why it uses HTTP::Daemon::* family (because there is HTTP::Daemon::SSL). I needed a pure-Perl ...

PERLANCAR/Gepok-0.28 - 11 Dec 2014 01:57:48 GMT - Search in distribution

Magpie - Pipelined State Machine Plack Middleware Framework 1 ++
KHAMPTON/Magpie-1.141660 - 15 Jun 2014 17:32:20 GMT - Search in distribution

Catalyst - The Elegant MVC Web Application Framework 116 ++

Catalyst is a modern framework for making web applications without the pain usually associated with this process. This document is a reference to the main Catalyst application. If you are a new user, we suggest you start with Catalyst::Manual::Tutori...

JJNAPIORK/Catalyst-Runtime-5.90085   (18 reviews) - 25 Mar 2015 18:58:11 GMT - Search in distribution

perlfaq9 - Web, Email and Networking 1 ++

This section deals with questions related to running web sites, sending and receiving email as well as general networking. Should I use a web framework? Yes. If you are building a web site with any level of interactivity (forms / users / databases), ...

ETHER/perlfaq-5.021009 - 25 Jan 2015 22:36:45 GMT - Search in distribution

Feersum - A PSGI engine for Perl based on EV/libev 5 ++

Feersum is an HTTP server built on EV. It fully supports the PSGI 1.03 spec including the "psgi.streaming" interface and is compatible with Plack. PSGI 1.1, which has yet to be published formally, is also supported. Feersum also has its own "native" ...

AUDREYT/Feersum-1.401   (1 review) - 06 Nov 2013 14:21:05 GMT - Search in distribution

CGI::PSGI - Adapt to the PSGI protocol 3 ++

This module is for web application framework developers who currently uses CGI to handle query parameters, and would like for the frameworks to comply with the PSGI protocol. Only slight modifications should be required if the framework is already co...

MIYAGAWA/CGI-PSGI-0.15 - 17 May 2011 21:00:47 GMT - Search in distribution

Amon2::Lite - Sinatra-ish framework on Amon2! 2 ++

This is a Sinatra-ish wrapper for Amon2. THIS MODULE IS BETA STATE. API MAY CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE. FUNCTIONS "any(\@methods, $path, \&code)" "any($path, \&code)" Register new route for router. "get($path, $code->($c))" Register new route for router. ...

TOKUHIROM/Amon2-Lite-0.13 - 28 Aug 2014 09:43:42 GMT - Search in distribution

Plack::Util - Utility subroutines for Plack server and framework developers 166 ++
MIYAGAWA/Plack-1.0034   (5 reviews) - 02 Feb 2015 20:44:19 GMT - Search in distribution

Riap::HTTP - Riap over HTTP ++

Riap::HTTP is designed to be implemented by API service providers. It allows features like custom URL layout, multiple serialization format, and logging; while depends on HTTP for other features like authentication, encryption (HTTPS), etc. For a mor...

PERLANCAR/Riap-1.2.3 - 05 Mar 2015 08:47:11 GMT - Search in distribution

Web::Request - common request class for web frameworks 4 ++

Web::Request is a request class for PSGI applications. It provides access to all of the information received in a request, generated from the PSGI environment. The available methods are listed below. Note that Web::Request objects are intended to be ...

DOY/Web-Request-0.11 - 02 Sep 2013 15:13:22 GMT - Search in distribution

Plack::App::REST - Perl PSGI App that just call http method from object. ++

Plack::App::REST is simple plack application that call requested method directly from mounted class. Method can be GET, PUT, POST, DELETE, HEAD, PATCH. Each method is called with three params: * Env - Plack Env * Params - resource identifier (usually...

VASEKD/Plack-App-REST-0.02 - 24 Mar 2015 01:01:48 GMT - Search in distribution