PostScript::Simple - Produce PostScript files from Perl

PostScript::Simple allows you to have a simple method of writing PostScript files from Perl. It has graphics primitives that allow lines, curves, circles, polygons and boxes to be drawn. Text can be added to the page using standard PostScript fonts. ...

MCNEWTON/PostScript-Simple-0.09 - 23 Sep 2014 23:57:13 GMT - Search in distribution

PostScript::Simple::Table - Adds easy table creation to PostScript::Simple

This class is a utility for use with the PostScript::Simple module from CPAN. It can be used to display text data in a table layout within a PostScript document. The text data must be in a 2d array (such as returned by a DBI statement handle fetchall...

MITTI/PostScript-Simple-Table-1.02 - 25 Apr 2006 19:06:27 GMT - Search in distribution

Graphics::Simple::PostScript - implement Graphics::Simple in PostScript files

The module "Graphics::Simple::PostScript" is an implementation of the "Graphics::Simple" API....

LUKKA/Graphics-Simple-0.04 - 25 Apr 1999 18:08:52 GMT - Search in distribution

EPS - Routines for creating Encapsulated-Postscript Images

WIHAA/Graphics-EPS-3.00 - 14 Nov 2003 12:40:17 GMT - Search in distribution

GD - Interface to Gd Graphics Library is a Perl interface to Thomas Boutell's gd graphics library (version 2.01 or higher; see below). GD allows you to create color drawings using a large number of graphics primitives, and emit the drawings as PNG files. GD defines the following fo...

LDS/GD-2.56   (5 reviews) - 28 Oct 2014 01:35:39 GMT - Search in distribution

Kite - collection of modules useful in Kite design and construction.

The Kite::* modules are a collection of Perl modules and scripts written to help with various tasks in the design and construction of traction kites. The Kite module acts as a general interface to the other modules in the collection, providing factor...

ABW/Kite-0.4 - 28 Feb 2001 15:12:52 GMT - Search in distribution
  • okxml2ps - convert an XML kite part markup file to PostScript
  • Kite::Profile - represent and manipulate a 2d profile

PostScript::CDCover - a simple module that generates CD covers in Postscript

This class generates a Postscript program that prints a CD cover suitable for a CD jewel case. A directory tree is printed on the cover in columns, first on the front page, then on the inner page (the one that is visible when the box is open), and fi...

CBOUVI/PostScript-CDCover-1.0 - 31 May 2004 20:14:40 GMT - Search in distribution
  • pscdcover - generate a cover for a mounted CD-ROM.

GSAPI - Perl extension for accessing GNU Ghostscript

GSAPI is a very simple interface to the GNU Ghostscript Interpreter API. This API allows you to use Ghostscript without calling an external program. It also provides to more control over any output. Please read the current Ghostscript documentation <...

OESI/GSAPI-0.5 - 12 Dec 2008 13:21:13 GMT - Search in distribution

No::Giro - Perl Module for generating Norwegian bank slips

It provides some methods to enter data into a standard F60-1 GIRO slip. This is an A4 sheet with a standard layout and where data are entered at the bottom and there is some space to enter any information at the top. It returns an Encapsulated Postsc...

KJETILK/No-Giro-0.21 - 20 Aug 2004 23:09:23 GMT - Search in distribution

Blatte - text macro/markup/template language

Blatte is a very powerful text markup and transformation language with a very simple syntax. A Blatte document can be translated into a Perl program that, when executed, produces a transformed version of the input document. This module itself contain...

BOBG/Blatte-0.9.4 - 28 Jul 2001 21:05:53 GMT - Search in distribution

latex2ps - script to convert LaTeX file to PostScript

"latex2ps" is a simple script to invoke the "LaTeX::Driver" module to convert a LaTeX file to PostScript. TO BE EXPANDED...

EINHVERFR/LaTeX-Driver-0.300.2 - 21 Apr 2016 19:20:27 GMT - Search in distribution

GD::SVG - Seamlessly enable SVG output from scripts written using GD

GD::SVG painlessly enables scripts that utilize GD to export scalable vector graphics (SVG). It accomplishes this task by wrapping with GD-styled method calls. To enable this functionality, one need only change the "use GD" call to "use GD::SV...

TWH/GD-SVG-0.33 - 10 May 2009 14:39:31 GMT - Search in distribution

Gtk2::Ex::PrintDialog - a simple, pure Perl dialog for printing PostScript data in GTK+ applications.

This module implements a dialog widget that can be used to print PostScript data. It is intended to be a lightweight and pure-perl alternative to the Gnome2::Print libraries. This module uses a simple system of operating-system specific backends that...

GBROWN/Gtk2-Ex-PrintDialog-0.03 - 25 Apr 2007 10:48:35 GMT - Search in distribution

GraphViz - Interface to AT&T's GraphViz. Deprecated. See GraphViz2

This module provides an interface to layout and image generation of directed and undirected graphs in a variety of formats (PostScript, PNG, etc.) using the "dot", "neato", "twopi", "circo" and "fdp" programs from the Graphviz project (http://www.gra...

RSAVAGE/GraphViz-2.22   (1 review) - 18 Jul 2016 23:34:07 GMT - Search in distribution

pod2html - convert Perl POD documentation to HTML

mpod2html converts Perl POD documentation to HTML. This was originally meant as a replacement for the existing core "pod2html", but has turned out to be a heavy-weight, fancy HTML converter that needs quite a lot of additional modules. There are a lo...

MAREKR/MarekPodHtml-0.49 - 16 Jan 2003 20:53:56 GMT - Search in distribution

make_gdl - Create GDL from a TrueType Font

When writing a GDL description for a font there are generally two parts to such a description. The first part is a general behaviour description that is appropriate to a number of fonts for a particular writing system. It will contain rules for reord...

MHOSKEN/Font-TTF-Scripts-1.05 - 26 Jan 2015 09:51:12 GMT - Search in distribution
  • make_volt - Create VOLT code from a TrueType Font
  • ttfbuilder - assemble a font from another font

fix-link - identify files affected by a link change and fix them

This program is designed to change one uri to another one throughout an infostructure (group of interlinked files). Normally the program uses an index built up for link testing to make this operation fast by examining only those files which have link...

MIKEDLR/Link_Controller-0.037 - 09 Feb 2002 18:12:34 GMT - Search in distribution

perlperf - Perl Performance and Optimization Techniques

This is an introduction to the use of performance and optimization techniques which can be used with particular reference to perl programs. While many perl developers have come from other languages, and can use their prior knowledge where appropriate...

RJBS/perl-5.24.0   (6 reviews) - 09 May 2016 11:35:29 GMT - Search in distribution
  • perlpodspec - Plain Old Documentation: format specification and notes
  • perlpodspeccopy - Plain Old Documentation: format specification and notes

textile2x - Convert Textile markup from the command-line

textile2x is a simple script that converts Textile markup to any of the formats supported by the "Text-Textile-Plaintext" CPAN distribution. Currently, the list of formats includes: Plain text PostScript Rich-Text Format One or more inputs can be con...

RJRAY/Text-Textile-Plaintext-0.101 - 17 Aug 2009 19:29:40 GMT - Search in distribution

Tk::Canvas - Create and manipulate Canvas widgets

The Canvas method creates a new window (given by the $canvas argument) and makes it into a canvas widget. Additional options, described above, may be specified on the command line or in the option database to configure aspects of the canvas such as i...

SREZIC/Tk-804.033   (8 reviews) - 21 Feb 2015 15:54:08 GMT - Search in distribution