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CBUREL/Qt4-0.99.0 - 15 Feb 2012 02:26:24 GMT - Search in distribution

Image::ExifTool::TagNames - ExifTool tag name documentation

This document contains a complete list of ExifTool tag names, organized into tables based on information type. Tag names are used to reference specific meta information extracted from or written to a file....

EXIFTOOL/Image-ExifTool-10.55 - 05 Jun 2017 14:41:23 GMT - Search in distribution

perlfaq3 - Programming Tools

This section of the FAQ answers questions related to programmer tools and programming support. How do I do (anything)? Have you looked at CPAN (see perlfaq2)? The chances are that someone has already written a module that can solve your problem. Have...

LLAP/perlfaq-5.021011 - 04 Mar 2016 20:04:35 GMT - Search in distribution

Prima::faq - Frequently asked questions about Prima

The FAQ covers various topics around Prima, such as distribution, compilation, installation, and programming....

KARASIK/Prima-1.52 - 28 Jun 2017 09:45:08 GMT - Search in distribution

UI::KeyboardLayout - Module for designing keyboard layouts

In this section, a "keyboard" has a certain "character repertoir" (which characters may be entered using this keyboard), and a mapping associating a character in the repertoir to a keypress or to several (sequential or simultaneous) keypresses. A sma...

ILYAZ/UI-KeyboardLayout-0.71 - 30 Jul 2016 14:22:42 GMT - Search in distribution

AnyEvent - the DBI of event loop programming

AnyEvent provides a uniform interface to various event loops. This allows module authors to use event loop functionality without forcing module users to use a specific event loop implementation (since more than one event loop cannot coexist peacefull...

MLEHMANN/AnyEvent-7.14 - 23 Jun 2017 23:51:28 GMT - Search in distribution

Mac::Errors - constants for Mac error codes

The %MacErrors hash indexes error information by the error number or symbol. Each value is a "Mac::Errors" object which has the symbol, number, and description. The $MacError scalar performs some tied magic to translate MacPerl's $^E to the error tex...

BDFOY/Mac-Errors-1.191 - 29 Aug 2016 06:29:46 GMT - Search in distribution

makeppgraph - Graphical analysis of the dependency graph

?: -?, A: -A, --args-file, --arguments-file, B: -b, --because, --build-reasons, C: &cwd, D: -D, -d, --dependencies, &dir, --dot, --down, --downwards, G: -g, --graphviz, H: -h, --help, &home, --html, I: -I, -i, --include, --include-dir, --includes, L:...

PFEIFFER/makepp- - 25 Oct 2012 21:29:27 GMT - Search in distribution

PAR::Tutorial - Cross-Platform Packaging and Deployment with PAR

On Deploying Perl Applications % sshnuke.pl -rootpw="Z1ON0101" Perl v5.6.1 required--this is only v5.6.0, stopped at sshnuke.pl line 1. BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at sshnuke.pl line 1. * Q: "Help! I can't run your program!" * A1: Inst...

RSCHUPP/PAR-1.015 - 13 Apr 2017 15:29:12 GMT - Search in distribution

SysTray - Perl extension for cross-platform systray support

This package provides cross-platform systray functionality. It works with Windows (98 or later), Linux (you must have KDE 3.2/Qt 3.3 or later installed) and Mac (OSX 10.3.9 or later)...

CDRAKE/SysTray-0.13 - 30 Jan 2009 12:09:51 GMT - Search in distribution

HTTP::WebTest - Testing static and dynamic web content

Introduction This module runs tests on remote URLs containing Perl/JSP/HTML/JavaScript/etc. and generates a detailed test report. This module can be used "as-is" or its functionality can be extended using plugins. Plugins can define test types and pr...

ILYAM/HTTP-WebTest-2.04 - 05 Sep 2003 20:27:38 GMT - Search in distribution

check_qml.pl - Check a QML file for some of the coding conventions described at http://doc.qt.io/qt-4.8/qml-coding-conventions.html

Check a QML file for some of the coding conventions described at <http://doc.qt.io/qt-4.8/qml-coding-conventions.html>. Specifically, this script checks the following things: The ordering of the ID, properties, signals, functions, and child objects w...

ZBLAIR/QML-File-0.02 - 10 Apr 2015 06:09:46 GMT - Search in distribution

WWW::Pastebin::PastebinCom::API - implementation of pastebin.com API

This module is an implementation of the pastebin.com API (<http://pastebin.com/api>). The API allows creation of public, unlisted, and private pastes; deletion of private pastes; listing of trending pastes and private pastes; and retrieval of a paste...

ZOFFIX/WWW-Pastebin-PastebinCom-API-1.001004 - 26 Dec 2016 18:31:10 GMT - Search in distribution

Net::DBus::Tutorial::ExportingObjects - tutorials on providing a DBus service

This document provides a tutorial on providing a DBus service using the Perl Net::DBus application bindings. This examples in this document will be based on the code from the Music::Player distribution, which is a simple DBus service providing a musi...

DANBERR/Net-DBus-1.1.0 - 16 Mar 2015 20:17:10 GMT - Search in distribution

WWW::Pastebin::PastebinCom::Create - paste on www.pastebin.com without API keys

This module provides the means to paste on www.pastebin.com pastebin, without the need for API keys <http://pastebin.com/api>. See the WARNING!!! section above....

ZOFFIX/WWW-Pastebin-PastebinCom-Create-1.003 - 18 Jan 2014 02:32:33 GMT - Search in distribution

Gnuplot::Builder - object-oriented gnuplot script builder

Gnuplot::Builder is a gnuplot script builder. Its advantages include: * Object-oriented. Script settings are encapsulated in a Gnuplot::Builder::Script object, and dataset parameters are in a Gnuplot::Builder::Dataset object. It eliminates global var...

TOSHIOITO/Gnuplot-Builder-0.31 - 29 Nov 2015 03:29:15 GMT - Search in distribution

HTTP::WebTest::XMLParser - Parse wtscript in XML representation.

Parses a wtscript file in XML format and converts it to a set of test objects. VERSION $Revision: $...

JLAPOUTRE/HTTP-WebTest-XMLParser-1.00 - 06 Aug 2003 21:31:42 GMT - Search in distribution


GGARAND/PerlQt-3.008 - 22 Sep 2003 07:49:34 GMT - Search in distribution

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