RDF::RDFa::Template - A simple templating system using RDFa to build RDF data views

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XRD::Parser - parse XRD and host-meta files into RDF::Trine models

While XRD has a rather different history, it turns out it can mostly be thought of as a serialisation format for a limited subset of RDF. This package ignores the order of <Link> elements, as RDF is a graph format with no concept of statements coming...

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RDF::RDB2RDF::Simple - map relational database to RDF easily

This module makes it reasonably easy to dump a relational SQL database as an RDF graph. Constructor * "RDF::RDB2RDF::Simple->new(%mappings [, -namespaces=>\%ns])" * "RDF::RDB2RDF->new('Simple', %mappings [, -namespaces=>\%ns])" The constructor takes ...

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WWW::DataWiki::HowNotToDoIt - version 0

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