Task::BeLike::RJRAY - RJRAY's frequently-used and favorite modules River stage zero No dependents

RJRAY/Task-BeLike-RJRAY-0.009 - 26 Dec 2014 04:49:48 UTC - Search in distribution

RPM - Perl interface to the API for the RPM Package Manager River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 5 total dependents

The Perl-RPM package is an extension for natively linking the functionality of the RPM Package Manager with the extension facility of Perl. The aim is to offer all the functionality made available via the C API in the form of Perl object classes. At ...

RJRAY/Perl-RPM-1.51 - 25 Apr 2007 01:52:51 UTC - Search in distribution

changelog2x - Transform ChangeLogML files using XSLT stylesheets River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

This script is a simple example of transforming ChangeLogML mark-up into user-friendly formats. The application itself does very little work; it's purpose is mainly to process and handle the command-line options, then delegate the actual work to the ...

RJRAY/App-Changelog2x-0.11 - 10 Aug 2009 17:11:23 UTC - Search in distribution

SOAP::Lite - Perl's Web Services Toolkit River stage three • 108 direct dependents • 141 total dependents

SOAP::Lite is a collection of Perl modules which provides a simple and lightweight interface to the Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) both on client and server side....

PHRED/SOAP-Lite-1.27 - 14 May 2018 20:36:08 UTC - Search in distribution
  • SOAP::SOM - provides access to the values contained in SOAP Response
  • SOAP::Transport - an abstract class extended by more specialized transport modules
  • SOAP::Data - this class provides the means by which to explicitly manipulate and control all aspects of the way in which Perl data gets expressed as SOAP data entities.
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YASF - Yet Another String Formatter River stage zero No dependents

NOTE: This is an early release, and should be considered alpha-quality. The interface is subject to change in future versions. YASF is a string-formatting module with functionality inspired by the "%" string operator and "format" method of the string...

RJRAY/YASF-0.005 - 20 Aug 2017 01:50:10 UTC - Search in distribution

JSON::Parse - Parse JSON River stage two • 34 direct dependents • 73 total dependents

A module for parsing JSON. (JSON means "JavaScript Object Notation" and it is specified in "RFC 8259".) JSON::Parse offers the function "parse_json", which takes a string containing JSON, and returns an equivalent Perl structure. It also offers valid...

BKB/JSON-Parse-0.62 - 15 Jul 2022 23:26:03 UTC - Search in distribution

RPC::XML - A set of classes for core data, message and XML handling River stage two • 37 direct dependents • 49 total dependents

The RPC::XML package is an implementation of the XML-RPC standard. The package as a whole provides classes for data, for clients, for servers and for parsers (based on the XML::Parser and XML::LibXML packages from CPAN). This module provides a set of...

RJRAY/RPC-XML-0.82 - 06 Jan 2021 18:05:35 UTC - Search in distribution

imgsize - read the dimensions of an image in several popular formats River stage three • 58 direct dependents • 203 total dependents

No-brainer to size an image supplied on the command-line. All the real work is done in Image::Size....

RJRAY/Image-Size-3.300 - 28 Feb 2015 17:03:17 UTC - Search in distribution
  • Image::Size - read the dimensions of an image in several popular formats

textile2x - Convert Textile markup from the command-line River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

textile2x is a simple script that converts Textile markup to any of the formats supported by the "Text-Textile-Plaintext" CPAN distribution. Currently, the list of formats includes: Plain text PostScript Rich-Text Format One or more inputs can be con...

RJRAY/Text-Textile-Plaintext-0.101 - 17 Aug 2009 19:29:40 UTC - Search in distribution

ServiceNow::Simple - Simple yet powerful ServiceNow API interface River stage zero No dependents

GNG/ServiceNow-Simple-0.10 - 01 May 2017 06:23:42 UTC - Search in distribution

Env::Export - Export %ENV values as constant subroutines River stage zero No dependents

This module exports the requested environment variables from %ENV as constants, represented by subroutines that have the same names as the specified environment variables. Specification of the environment values to export may be by explicit name, she...

RJRAY/Env-Export-0.22 - 07 Jul 2011 08:08:48 UTC - Search in distribution

Devel::Modlist - Perl extension to collect module use information River stage one • 2 direct dependents • 2 total dependents

The Devel::Modlist utility is provided as a means by which to get a quick run-down on which libraries and modules are being utilized by a given script. Just as compiler systems like *gcc* provide dependancy information via switches such as "-M", Deve...

RJRAY/Devel-Modlist-0.801 - 05 Sep 2008 09:41:18 UTC - Search in distribution

Test::Without - Run code while hiding library paths or specific modules River stage zero No dependents

The Test::Without module makes it easy for test scripts to exclude specific modules and/or directories from the Perl search-path during the execution of blocks of code. I wrote this after needing to write a fairly ugly hack for a different CPAN modul...

RJRAY/Test-Without-0.10 - 20 Sep 2009 03:15:11 UTC - Search in distribution

WebService::ISBNDB::API - Base class for the WebService::ISBNDB API classes River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

The WebService::ISBNDB::API class is the base for the classes that handle books, publishers, authors, categories and subjects. It also acts as a factory-class for instantiating those other classes. Any of the data classes can be created from the cons...

RJRAY/WebService-ISBNDB-0.34 - 06 Apr 2008 13:21:12 UTC - Search in distribution

tr_imgaddsize - add width and height to ltimg src=...gt River stage zero No dependents

tr_imgaddsize opens all files listed on the command line and edits them if needed. All <img src=...> get width and height added if not already there. This works only for relative links (something like src=../images/cool.png) File access permissions a...

GUS/HTML-TagReader-1.13 - 20 Nov 2020 00:28:49 UTC - Search in distribution

Test::AgainstSchema - Umbrella for test classes that target schema-based data River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

The Test::AgainstSchema module provides unit tests of the Test::More variety, that work with any TAP-driven test-harness system. The tests are oriented towards testing textual data that follows defined formats, such as XML or YAML. Rather than using ...

RJRAY/Test-AgainstSchema-0.100 - 16 Jan 2012 22:00:26 UTC - Search in distribution

JSON::WithComments - Parse JSON content with embedded comments River stage zero No dependents

NOTE: This is an early release, and should be considered alpha-quality. The interface is subject to change in future versions. JSON::WithComments is a simple wrapper around the JSON module that pre-processes any JSON input before decoding it. The pre...

RJRAY/JSON-WithComments-0.003 - 02 Sep 2017 04:17:08 UTC - Search in distribution

lib/SOAP/Transport/JABBER.pm River stage zero No dependents

MKUTTER/SOAP-Transport-JABBER-0.713 - 20 Mar 2010 06:43:21 UTC - Search in distribution

lib/SOAP/Transport/MQ.pm River stage zero No dependents

MKUTTER/SOAP-Transport-MQ-0.712 - 18 Mar 2010 19:59:09 UTC - Search in distribution

Catalyst::Model::ISBNDB - Provide Catalyst access to isbndb.com River stage zero No dependents

This package provides a Catalyst model that makes requests of the isbndb.com web service, using their published REST interface. The model creates an instance of the WebService::ISBNDB::API class and uses it as a factory for making requests for data i...

RJRAY/Catalyst-Model-ISBNDB-0.22 - 18 Aug 2009 03:01:20 UTC - Search in distribution
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