Win32API::MIDI::SysEX::Roland - Perl Module for Roland MIDI System Exclusive Message. River stage zero No dependents

Overview Win32API::MIDI::SysEX::Roland is submodule of Win32API::MIDI::SysEX. Its object inherits his parents methods. This module is still under development and most of function are not debugged yet. And the this module may have to be renamed as MID...

HAYASHI/Win32API-MIDI-0.05 - 14 Apr 2003 04:04:33 GMT - Search in distribution

ec - Mail reader and composer for Unix and Perl/Tk. River stage zero No dependents

Ec can send and receive mail to and from remote POP3 and SMTP servers, or route mail using sendmail, qmail, or exim. Ec can filter and store incoming messages in user configurable folders. With no additional configuration, ec routes mail to the Incom...

RKIES/ec-1.28 - 03 Mar 2004 01:25:04 GMT - Search in distribution

Catalyst - The Elegant MVC Web Application Framework River stage three • 605 direct dependents • 677 total dependents

Catalyst is a modern framework for making web applications without the pain usually associated with this process. This document is a reference to the main Catalyst application. If you are a new user, we suggest you start with Catalyst::Manual::Tutori...

HAARG/Catalyst-Runtime-5.90123 - 27 Nov 2018 15:39:35 GMT - Search in distribution

AFS - Perl interface to AFS programming APIs River stage zero No dependents

The AFS module bundle is a dynamically loadable (where available) extension to Perl. It gives the AFS user and administrator access to most of the AFS programming APIs, allowing you to make these calls directly from Perl, rather than processing the o...

NOG/AFS-2.6.4 - 27 Oct 2014 13:11:37 GMT - Search in distribution

Expect - automate interactions with command line programs that expose a text terminal interface. River stage three • 35 direct dependents • 674 total dependents

See an explanation of What is Expect <> The Expect module is a successor of and a descendent of It more closely resembles the Tcl Expect language than its predecessors. It does not contain any of the netwo...

JACOBY/Expect-1.35 - 18 May 2017 19:13:49 GMT - Search in distribution

AHA - Simple access to the AHA interface for AVM based home automation River stage zero No dependents

This module allows programatic access to AVM's Home Automation (AHA) system as it is specified in AVM AHA HTTP Protocol specification <>. Please note that this module is not connected...

ROLAND/AHA-0.55 - 28 May 2014 19:31:45 GMT - Search in distribution

jmx4perl - JMX access tools and modules River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

jmx4perl is a command line utility for an easy access of an instrumented application server. Before you can use this tool, you need to deploy a small agent application. In the following "agent-url" is the URL for accessing this agent. If you use a co...

ROLAND/jmx4perl-1.12 - 28 Jul 2015 10:10:53 GMT - Search in distribution

cmp - compare two files River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

*cmp* compares two files, byte-by-byte. The result of the comparison is always given by the exit status, and may be summarized on the standard output according to the options given on the command line. If the two compared files are identical, *cmp* w...

BDFOY/PerlPowerTools-1.013 - 17 Nov 2018 14:36:52 GMT - Search in distribution

cmp - compare two files River stage zero No dependents

*cmp* compares two files, byte-by-byte. The result of the comparison is always given by the exit status, and may be summarized on the standard output according to the options given on the command line. If the two compared files are identical, *cmp* w...

CWEST/ppt-0.14 - 05 Aug 2004 14:48:58 GMT - Search in distribution

changes River stage three • 57 direct dependents • 286 total dependents

RJBS/MIME-Lite-3.030 - 04 Nov 2013 02:18:19 GMT - Search in distribution

Term::GnuplotTerminals - documentation of gnuplot output devices River stage zero No dependents

ILYAZ/Term-Gnuplot-0.90380906 - 01 Aug 2018 12:13:22 GMT - Search in distribution

autodie - Replace functions with ones that succeed or die with lexical scope River stage four • 427 direct dependents • 2476 total dependents

bIlujDI' yIchegh()Qo'; yIHegh()! It is better to die() than to return() in failure. -- Klingon programming proverb. The "autodie" pragma provides a convenient way to replace functions that normally return false on failure with equivalents that throw ...

PJF/autodie-2.29 - 09 Jul 2015 07:17:48 GMT - Search in distribution

HTML::Template - Perl module to use HTML-like templating language River stage three • 84 direct dependents • 224 total dependents

This module attempts to make using HTML templates simple and natural. It extends standard HTML with a few new HTML-esque tags - "<TMPL_VAR>" "<TMPL_LOOP>", "<TMPL_INCLUDE>", "<TMPL_IF>", "<TMPL_ELSE>" and "<TMPL_UNLESS>". The file written with HTML a...

SAMTREGAR/HTML-Template-2.97 - 18 May 2017 20:30:05 GMT - Search in distribution

p800exif - add the date encoded in a P800 picture filename to the file River stage zero No dependents

p800exif attaches the timestamp encoded in the filename of pictures created with a Sony Ericsson P800 camera phone to the file as EXIF information in the image file or as the file's modification time....

IPENBURG/Date-Extract-P800Picture-0.108 - 22 Apr 2017 15:29:38 GMT - Search in distribution

Mojolicious - Real-time web framework River stage three • 783 direct dependents • 892 total dependents

An amazing real-time web framework built on top of the powerful Mojo web development toolkit. With support for RESTful routes, plugins, commands, Perl-ish templates, content negotiation, session management, form validation, testing framework, static ...

SRI/Mojolicious-8.09 - 04 Dec 2018 20:59:01 GMT - Search in distribution

osgish - A OSGi Shell River stage zero No dependents

Osgish is the administrator's shell for OSGi. It's focus is on simple usage for common administrative tasks. There are many other shells for OSGi as well, most (if not all) implemented in Java. Osgish unique features are * Readline and history suppor...

ROLAND/osgish-v0.3.1 - 03 Jan 2012 07:21:10 GMT - Search in distribution

IO::Tty - Low-level allocate a pseudo-Tty, import constants. River stage four • 31 direct dependents • 2135 total dependents

"IO::Tty" is used internally by "IO::Pty" to create a pseudo-tty. You wouldn't want to use it directly except to import constants, use "IO::Pty". For a list of importable constants, see IO::Tty::Constant. Windows is now supported, but ONLY under the ...

TODDR/IO-Tty-1.12 - 12 Sep 2014 16:16:27 GMT - Search in distribution
  • IO::Pty - Pseudo TTY object class

MP3::Info - Manipulate / fetch info from MP3 audio files River stage two • 18 direct dependents • 75 total dependents

$mp3 = MP3::Info->new(FILE) OOP interface to the rest of the module. The same keys available via get_mp3info and get_mp3tag are available via the returned object (using upper case or lower case; but note that all-caps "VERSION" will return the module...

JMERELO/MP3-Info-1.26 - 03 Oct 2017 12:02:25 GMT - Search in distribution - monitor websites for updates and changes River stage zero No dependents

YARON/WWW-Monitor-0.24 - 24 Apr 2007 18:36:01 GMT - Search in distribution

Text::Buffer - oo-style interface for handling a line-based text buffer River stage zero No dependents

"Text::Buffer" provides a mean of handling a text buffer with an oo-style interface. It provides basic navigation/editing functionality with an very easy interface. Generally a Text::Buffer object is created by using new. Without an options this will...

LAMMEL/Text-Modify-0.5 - 13 Oct 2006 17:27:31 GMT - Search in distribution
  • Text::Modify - oo-style interface for simple, rule-based text modification
  • Text::Modify::Rule - Modification rule, which can be used to process a Text::Buffer object.

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