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RPC::ExtDirect::Client - Ext.Direct client in Perl ++

This module implements Ext.Direct client in pure Perl. Its main purpose is to be used for testing server side Ext.Direct classes, complementing RPC::ExtDirect::Server. It can also be used for testing Ext.Direct Actions developed in languages other th...

TOKAREV/RPC-ExtDirect-Client-1.03 - 25 Jun 2014 04:29:09 GMT - Search in distribution

RPC::ExtDirect::Client::Async - Asynchronous Ext.Direct client in Perl ++

This module implements a fully asynchronous Ext.Direct client based on AnyEvent::HTTP. It can be used with any event loop supported by AnyEvent. If you are not familiar with Ext.Direct, start with RPC::ExtDirect::Intro before going further. CAVEATS A...

TOKAREV/RPC-ExtDirect-Client-Async-1.00 - 25 Jun 2014 04:43:33 GMT - Search in distribution

Test::ExtDirect - An easy and convenient way to test Ext.Direct code ++

This module provides a set of utility functions for testing Ext.Direct classes. For each test script, an instance of RPC::ExtDirect::Server will be created, and requests will be made with RPC::ExtDirect::Client. This way you can simulate actual Ext J...

TOKAREV/Test-ExtDirect-1.01 - 24 Jun 2014 01:04:03 GMT - Search in distribution

RPC::ExtDirect - Easily integrate Perl server code with JavaScript apps 2 ++

RPC::ExtDirect suite of modules provides an easy, simple and robust way to write Perl server side code that could be used with HTML5 Rich Internet Applications based on JavaScript frameworks Ext JS <http://www.sencha.com/products/extjs/> and Sencha T...

TOKAREV/RPC-ExtDirect-3.01 - 20 Jun 2014 06:08:23 GMT - Search in distribution

RPC::ExtDirect::Server - A tiny but capable Ext.Direct server ++

This module implements a minimal Ext.Direct capable server in pure Perl. Its main purpose is to be used as a lightweight drop-in replacement for more complex production environments like Plack or Apache/mod_perl, e.g. for testing and mockups. It can ...

TOKAREV/RPC-ExtDirect-Server-1.01 - 21 Jun 2014 03:57:58 GMT - Search in distribution

AnyEvent::HTTPD::ExtDirect - RPC::ExtDirect gateway for AnyEvent::HTTPD ++

This module provides an RPC::ExtDirect gateway implementation for AnyEvent::HTTPD, a simple lightweight event based web server. Unlike other gateways like Plack::Middleware::ExtDirect or CGI::ExtDirect, this module is in fact more of an application s...

TOKAREV/AnyEvent-HTTPD-ExtDirect-3.01 - 17 Jun 2014 03:11:07 GMT - Search in distribution

Plack::Middleware::ExtDirect - RPC::ExtDirect gateway for Plack ++

This module provides an RPC::ExtDirect gateway implementation for Plack environment. It is packaged as a standard Plack middleware component suitable for using with Plack::Builder. Plack::Middleware::ExtDirect is recommended to be used with Perl vers...

TOKAREV/Plack-Middleware-ExtDirect-3.00 - 14 Jun 2014 02:14:33 GMT - Search in distribution

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