RT::Atom - The RT-Atom API ++

This RT extension implements a REST-style web service interface, based on the Atom draft specification, version 0.3. For more information on Atom and REST, please consult the references in the "SEE ALSO" section. The RT-Atom URI space Some example ca...

AUTRIJUS/RT-Atom-0.03 - 25 Aug 2004 17:19:50 GMT - Search in distribution

LWP::UserAgent::RTClient - User Agent for RT-Atom authentication ++

No user-serviceable parts inside. SEE ALSO RT::Client AUTHORS Autrijus Tang <autrijus@autrijus.org> COPYRIGHT Copyright 2004 by Autrijus Tang <autrijus@autrijus.org>. This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the s...

AUTRIJUS/RT-Client-0.01 - 25 Aug 2004 17:17:57 GMT - Search in distribution
  • RT::Client - A client of RT from Best Practical Solutions

XML::CAP - parse or generate the XML Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) ++
IKLUFT/XML-CAP-0.02 - 21 Sep 2009 03:11:51 GMT - Search in distribution

Feed::Pipe - Pipe Atom/RSS feeds through UNIX-style high-level filters ++

This module is a Feed model that can mimic the functionality of standard UNIX pipe and filter style text processing tools. Instead of operating on lines from text files, it operates on entries from Atom (or RSS) feeds. The idea is to provide a high-l...

VESELOSKY/Feed-Pipe-1.003 - 29 Dec 2009 15:36:09 GMT - Search in distribution

App::Plog - The one and a half minute blog ++

Generate a rudimentary HTML blog. DOCUMENTATION This module installs a script that allow you to generate a rudimentary blog using your prefered editor and the command line. This file documents the inner workings of the module. Further documentation, ...

NKH/App-Plog-0.01.12 - 08 May 2010 15:36:26 GMT - Search in distribution

Cnutt::Feed - A rss/atom reader which delivers entries to your mailboxes ++

See cnutt-feed manual. METHODS new ls List the feeds from an url. get Take an url and a mailbox on the command line and download the feed to the mailbox. fetch Take a feed name and fetch it according the config file data. AUTHOR Olivier Schwander, "<...

IDERRICK/cnutt-feed-1.21 - 17 Jun 2009 09:17:24 GMT - Search in distribution
  • Cnutt-feed - A rss/atom reader which delivers entries to your mailboxes

XML::Twig - A perl module for processing huge XML documents in tree mode. 39 ++

This module provides a way to process XML documents. It is build on top of "XML::Parser". The module offers a tree interface to the document, while allowing you to output the parts of it that have been completely processed. It allows minimal resource...

MIROD/XML-Twig-3.48   (7 reviews) - 30 Mar 2014 09:01:59 GMT - Search in distribution

Chart::OFC2 - Generate html and data files for use with Open Flash Chart version 2 ++

OFC2 is a flash script for creating graphs. To have a graph we need an open-flash-chart.swf and a JSON data file describing graph data. Complete examples you can find after successful run of this module tests in t/output/ folder - t/output/bar.html, ...

JKUTEJ/Chart-OFC2-0.07 - 06 Feb 2010 15:04:49 GMT - Search in distribution

HTML::Miner - This Module 'Mines' (hopefully) useful information for an URL or HTML snippet. ++
TMHARISH/HTML-Miner-1.03 - 20 Jan 2013 08:53:50 GMT - Search in distribution

AnyEvent::Feed - Receiving RSS/Atom Feed reader with XML::Feed ++

This module implements some glue between AnyEvent::HTTP and XML::Feed. It can fetch a RSS/Atom feed on a regular interval as well as on customized times. It also keeps track of already fetched entries so that you will only get the new entries. METHOD...

ELMEX/AnyEvent-Feed-0.3 - 01 Mar 2011 06:58:59 GMT - Search in distribution

Regexp::Parser - base class for parsing regexes ++

This module parses regular expressions (regexes). Its default "grammar" is Perl 5.8.4's regex set. Grammar is quoted because the module does not so much define a grammar as let each matched node state what it expects to match next, but there is not c...

TODDR/Regexp-Parser-0.21   (1 review) - 28 May 2011 19:20:12 GMT - Search in distribution

Net::FriendFeed - Perl interface to FriendFeed.com API 1 ++
KAPPA/Net-FriendFeed-0.93 - 25 Sep 2008 22:34:22 GMT - Search in distribution

Cpanel::JSON::XS - JSON::XS for Cpanel, fast and correct serialising, also for 5.6.2 12 ++

This module converts Perl data structures to JSON and vice versa. Its primary goal is to be *correct* and its secondary goal is to be *fast*. To reach the latter goal it was written in C. As this is the n-th-something JSON module on CPAN, what was th...

RURBAN/Cpanel-JSON-XS-3.0115 - 31 Jan 2015 21:42:51 GMT - Search in distribution

WWW::Netflix::API - Interface for Netflix's API ++
STEVED/WWW-Netflix-API-0.12   (1 review) - 11 Jan 2013 01:32:31 GMT - Search in distribution

DateTime::Format::Atom - Parse and format Atom datetime strings ++

This module understands the Atom date/time format, an ISO 8601 profile, defined at <http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc4287> It can be used to parse these formats in order to create the appropriate objects. All the work is actually done by DateTime::Forma...

IKEGAMI/DateTime-Format-Atom-v1.0.2 - 29 Mar 2011 07:51:07 GMT - Search in distribution

Weather::NOAA::Alert - Polling and parsing of NOAA CAP 1.1 Alerts ++

Weather::NOAA::Alert will retrieve and parse the NOAA National Weather Service ATOM and CAP 1.1 feeds for the specified forecast zones. It is designed to cache previously polled CAP items. The overall process is to get the requested ATOM feed, get an...

STOVENOUR/Weather-NOAA-Alert-0.90 - 01 May 2011 19:14:13 GMT - Search in distribution

Feed::Source::Page2RSS - Creation of a Atom/RSS feed with the Page2RSS service ++
EDIPRETO/Feed-Source-Page2RSS-0.01 - 23 Dec 2006 22:07:41 GMT - Search in distribution

BusyBird::Input::Feed - input BusyBird statuses from RSS/Atom feed ++

BusyBird::Input::Feed converts RSS and Atom feeds into BusyBird status objects. For convenience, an executable script busybird_input_feed is bundled in this distribution. CLASS METHODS $input = BusyBird::Input::Feed->new(%args) The constructor. Field...

TOSHIOITO/BusyBird-Input-Feed-0.05 - 15 Sep 2014 05:49:46 GMT - Search in distribution

Mail::Summary::Tools - Tools for mailing list summarization. ++

This distribution contains numerous classes useful for creating summaries, and an App::Cmd based frontend to those classes. The main usage is illustrated in the "SYNOPSIS" section. WORKFLOW In the first step Mail::Summary::Tools takes a mail box of a...

NUFFIN/Mail-Summary-Tools-0.06 - 09 Sep 2007 17:07:21 GMT - Search in distribution

Video::Dumper::QuickTime - Dump QuickTime movie file structure ++

Video::Dumper::QuickTime parses a QuickTime movie file and generates a multi-line string describing the structure of the file. The module is intended primarily as a diagnostic tool, although it would be possible to subclass Video::Dumper::QuickTime t...

GRANDPA/Video-Dumper-QuickTime-1.0005 - 14 Dec 2011 07:02:09 GMT - Search in distribution