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Pod::Rtf River stage zero No dependents

Uses Pod::Parser to convert pod documentation to Rich Text Format (rtf) suitable for compilation by a Windows Help compiler....

PVHP/Pod2WinHlp-0.02 - 10 Jul 2000 03:05:35 UTC - Search in distribution

RTF::Encode - Escapes strings into RTF River stage zero No dependents

DLAMBLEY/RTF-Encode-1.01 - 27 Oct 2019 20:47:26 UTC - Search in distribution

RTF::VimColor - generate colorized RTF using Vim's syntax highlighting River stage zero No dependents

RJBS/RTF-VimColor-0.002 - 31 Dec 2022 22:10:09 UTC - Search in distribution
  • synrtf - generate colorized RTF using Vim's syntax highlighting

RTF::Tokenizer - Tokenize RTF River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 3 total dependents

Tokenizes RTF...

SARGIE/RTF-Tokenizer-1.20 - 12 Jul 2016 07:47:02 UTC - Search in distribution

RTF::Writer - for generating documents in Rich Text Format River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

This module is for generating documents in Rich Text Format. This module is a class; an object belonging to this class acts like an output filehandle, and calling methods on it causes RTF text to be written. Incidentally, this module also exports a f...

SBURKE/RTF-Writer-1.11 - 04 Nov 2003 11:24:02 UTC - Search in distribution

RTF::HTMLConverter - Converter from RTF format to HTML. River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

RTF::HTMLConverter is a high-level RTF to HTML format converter. It is based on the low-level RTF parser module RTF::Lexer. Additionally, it requires the W3C's DOM implementation and it is known to work with either XML::DOM or XML::GDOME....

USTIANSKY/RTF-HTMLConverter-0.05 - 10 Mar 2004 16:29:39 UTC - Search in distribution
  • RTF::Lexer - Rich Text Format (RTF) lexical analyzer.

Pod/ River stage zero No dependents

KJALB/PodSimplify-0.04 - 16 Aug 1996 19:14:10 UTC - Search in distribution

Pod::Simple::RTF - format Pod as RTF River stage five • 133 direct dependents • 32296 total dependents

This class is a formatter that takes Pod and renders it as RTF, good for viewing/printing in MSWord, WordPad/write.exe, TextEdit, etc. This is a subclass of Pod::Simple and inherits all its methods....

KHW/Pod-Simple-3.43 - 28 Jun 2021 21:11:50 UTC - Search in distribution

File::Extract::RTF - Extract Text From RTF Files River stage zero No dependents

DMAKI/File-Extract-0.07000 - 18 Nov 2007 13:35:51 UTC - Search in distribution

Text::Textile::RTF - Generate RTF output from Textile mark-up River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

Text::Textile::RTF is a sub-class of Text::Textile::Plaintext that produces RTF output instead of plain text. See Text::Textile::Plaintext for more detail....

RJRAY/Text-Textile-Plaintext-0.101 - 17 Aug 2009 19:29:40 UTC - Search in distribution

Embperl::Syntax::RTF - define syntax for RTF files River stage one • 3 direct dependents • 3 total dependents

Class derived from Embperl::Syntax to define the syntax for RTF files. RTF files can be read and written by various word processing programs. This allows you to create dynamic wordprocessing documents or let process serial letters thru Embperl. Curre...

GRICHTER/Embperl-2.5.0 - 16 Apr 2014 18:33:32 UTC - Search in distribution

Image::ExifTool::RTF - Read Rich Text Format meta information River stage two • 29 direct dependents • 29 total dependents

This module contains definitions required by Image::ExifTool to read meta information from RTF (Rich Text Format) documents....

EXIFTOOL/Image-ExifTool-12.50 - 09 Nov 2022 11:41:50 UTC - Search in distribution

RTF::HTML::Converter::API - OO API to Philippe Verdret's RTF::HTML::Convertor River stage zero No dependents

An OO API to Philippe Verdret's RTF::HTML::Convertor module. Note that "RTF::HTML::Convertor" produces invalid HTML: see the test for details. Define the class variable "CHAT" to have a value if you wish realtime output of what's going on....

LGODDARD/RTF-HTML-Converter-API-0.1 - 16 Mar 2011 13:56:03 UTC - Search in distribution

lib/PBib/Document/ River stage zero No dependents

PTANDLER/Bundle-PBib-2.08.01 - 20 Sep 2005 11:52:02 UTC - Search in distribution
  • - process source file to generate list of references
  • PBib::Document - Abstract Base and Factory class for Documents
  • PBib::PBib - Something like BibTeX, but written in perl and designed to be extensible in three dimensions: bibliographic databases (e.g. BibTeX, OpenOffice), document file formats (e.g. Word, RTF, OpenOffice), styles (e.g. ACM, IEEE) River stage zero No dependents

This is a subclass of XML::SAX::Base which implements a SAX driver for RTF documentation. It generates XML that closely matches the structure of RTF, i.e. a set of paragraph types with text and inline tags inside....

GRANTM/XML-SAX-RTF-0.2 - 25 Apr 2010 10:14:06 UTC - Search in distribution

SDL2::FFI - FFI Wrapper for SDL (Simple DirectMedia Layer) Development Library River stage zero No dependents

SDL2::FFI is an FFI::Platypus backed bindings to the Simple DirectMedia Layer - a cross-platform development library designed to provide low level access to audio, keyboard, mouse, joystick, and graphics hardware....

SANKO/SDL2-FFI-0.08 - 29 Nov 2021 02:01:01 UTC - Search in distribution

RTF::Parser - A DEPRECATED event-driven RTF Parser River stage one • 2 direct dependents • 2 total dependents

A DEPRECATED event-driven RTF Parser...

SARGIE/RTF-Parser-1.12 - 20 Apr 2014 15:08:27 UTC - Search in distribution

UnRTF - A Perl wrapper around unrtf tool River stage zero No dependents

UnRTF is a simple wrapper around unrtf command line tool, unrtf converts RTF files to text and write it to the STDOUT. See: <>....

JOENIO/UnRTF-0.003 - 19 Sep 2021 10:45:16 UTC - Search in distribution

Alien::UnRTF - Build and make available the unrtf tool River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

**this is a beta release** This distribution installs UnRTF <> so that it can be used by other Perl distributions. If already installed for your operating system, and it can be found, this distribution will use the U...

JOENIO/Alien-UnRTF-0.02 - 14 Jun 2016 05:12:09 UTC - Search in distribution

HTML::FormatRTF - Format HTML as RTF River stage two • 18 direct dependents • 89 total dependents

HTML::FormatRTF is a class for objects that you use to convert HTML to RTF. There is currently no proper support for tables or forms. This is a subclass of HTML::Formatter, whose documentation you should consult for more information on underlying met...

NIGELM/HTML-Formatter-2.16 - 07 Dec 2016 09:14:05 UTC - Search in distribution
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