Rcs - Perl Object Class for Revision Control System (RCS).

This Perl module provides an object oriented interface to access Revision Control System (RCS) utilities. RCS must be installed on the system prior to using this module. This module should simplify the creation of an RCS front-end. OBJECT CONSTRUCTOR...

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Pan::RCS - File manangement through RCS.

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  • pantheon - A suite of cluster administration tools and platforms

VCS::Rcs - notes for the rcs implementation

Currently, the user needs to ensure that their environment has the rcs toolset available, including rlog, rcsdiff, co, et al. On Unix like environments ensure that the $PATH environment variable has the appropriate directory listed. On Windows be sur...

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Rcs::Agent - an RCS archive manipulation method library

"Rcs::Agent" is a perl module for manipulating RCS archives. It provides an object-oriented interface to the RCS commands rcs(1), rcsdiff(1), ci(1) and co(1), in addition to providing easy access to revision information contained in the RCS archive f...

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VCS::Rcs::Parser - Perl extension for RCSfile Parsing

Reads a ',v' RCS revisions file and checks out every revision into core....

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Kwiki::Archive::Rcs - Kwiki Page Archival Using RCS

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Apache::CVS::RcsConfig - class that holds configuration information for an RCS object

The "Apache::CVS::RcsConfig" class holds data used to configure an "Rcs" object. POD ERRORS Hey! The above document had some coding errors, which are explained below: Around line 6: =over is the last thing in the document?!...

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rcsWork - RCS file manager

Launch a Tk application to manage your RCS file...

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App::Plog - The one and a half minute blog

Generate a rudimentary HTML blog....

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Perl::Critic::Policy::Miscellanea::RequireRcsKeywords - Put source-control keywords in every file.

Every code file, no matter how small, should be kept in a source-control repository. Adding the magical RCS keywords to your file helps the reader know where the file comes from, in case he or she needs to modify it. This Policy scans your file for c...

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magicrcs - automatically monitor directories & files and keep them under RCS

magicrcs is intended to run as a background process that will use the SGI File Access Monitor library to observe given files or directory trees and keep them transparently under RCS control. Files remain writable, but unlocked. Thus, the archival asp...

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Ph - provide a perl API for talking to CSO ph servers.

The Ph module provides a uniform API for *perl* scripts that need to talk to CSO ph servers. It handles many of the messy details automatically. It also maintains an open connection to the server, minimizing the costs of repeated openings and closing...

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xmv - move an X client's window.

Changes the geometry of the X window whose _XCHAR_CHAR value is the src char to the geometry from .screens specified by the dst char. With -e expands the src window so that it contains both its original rectangle & the dst rectangle. Normally focusse...

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svs - The SaVeS(tm) (Standalone Versioning System) command line interface tool.

SaVeS is the Standalone Versioning System. It works like CVS but is simpler to use. The main interface is the command line tool "svs". This manpage describes all of the information needed to use SaVeS....

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Argv - Provide an OO interface to an arg vector

An Argv object treats a command line as 3 separate entities: the *program*, the *options*, and the *args*. The *options* may be further subdivided into user-defined *option sets* by use of the "optset" method. When one of the *execution methods* is c...

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Fsdb - a flat-text database for shell scripting

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psame - finds similarities between files or versions of files

Options -b, --dont-ignore-spaces don't ignore changes in whitespace with a line -i, --dont-ignore-case don't ignore case when comparing lines -B, --dont-ignore-blank-lines don't ignore blank lines -M <num>, --minimum-line-length <num> ignore simple/s...

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patch - apply a diff file to an original

*Patch* will take a patch file containing any of the four forms of difference listing produced by the *diff* program and apply those differences to an original file, producing a patched version. By default, the patched version is put in place of the ...

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