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Replication::Recall::DBServer - Database replication server. ++

This module interfaces to Recall, a data replication library written by Eric Newton, to enable the setup of replicated database servers. Recall is based on a data replication algorithm developed at DEC's SRC for the Echo filesystem. It implements a f...

AGUL/Replication-Recall-DBServer-1.14 - 27 May 2001 11:02:15 GMT - Search in distribution

Persistence::Object::Postgres - Object Persistence with PostgreSQL. ++

This module provides persistence (and optionally, replication) facilities to its objects. Object definitions are stored in a PostgreSQL database as stringified perl data structures, generated with Data::Dumper. Persistence is achieved with a blessed ...

AGUL/Persistence-Object-Postgres-1.24 - 07 Jul 2001 07:57:53 GMT - Search in distribution

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